How to Recycle Everything


Regular Op Shops have become more selective in what they accept as they have limited storage space and look at the likelihood of reselling donations. Salvation Army stores will mostly accept electrical goods, others won’t. Ring beforehand to find out what they can accept.

Electric items, plus paints, batteries, x-rays, video tape, gas bottles, fluoro tubes, mobile phones can be taken to Community Recycling Centre Artarmon at 8 Waltham St, Artarmon

Furniture and whitegoods: The Bower, Marrickville Send photos via their website. If they are interested in your items, they will come with a truck to collect, free of charge. No mattresses. Or try posting it on Facebook MarketPlace for free.

Mattresses: no charity will accept mattresses. Soft Landing will recycle the different contents of mattresses. You need to pay for their collection.

Books: LifeLine has a collection centre and has an annual bookfair. Books in good condition, puzzles, CDs, DVDs, games. No encyclopedias or books that have been annotated, have gone brown or are not in a good condition.

Books unsuitable for re-homing: need to be pulled apart as the paper recycling machines can not process books. Organise a book shredding tea party with family and friends. If you have too much for your yellow bin, you can offload boxes or bags with paper in bins at the  As you won’t have a commercial quantity of paper, it is free. Ring for instructions. It is an amazing experience as you will see how waste is collected and transported.  This is a different location than the Community Recycling Centre Artarmon at 8 Waltham St, Artarmon

Fabric/textiles / batteries/ laptops

The Yarn – Circular Economy – 64 Gladesville Rd, Hunter’s Hill  – check website for items taken and hours

Sewing and handicraft items, lengths of materials, knitting wool, unfinished embroideries, etc: There are several shops in Sydney and the Central Coast where you can drop off items that are re-sold in the shops which employ people with disabilities.

Metal Recycling: Takes everything from pins and needles to metal coat hangers,  heaters, irons, metal pipes, coat hangers – Circular Metals Gladesville – 52 Buffalo Rd Gladesville

Spectacles – take these to your local optometrist – most are part of a scheme to and send them to a welfare group I the Pacific for people on low incomes.

For more information on recycling schemes  Planet Ark

Also check out your local council’s website on what can be recycled and where