Some useful links

Here are some links to organisations working to reduce our impact on climate change and move towards renewable energy.

– Lock the Gate – farmers fighting fossil fuel projects

– Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) – lawyers challenging poor environmental decisions in court

– Climate Council – information about climate change

– Nature Conservation Council (NCC)- NSW environment

– Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF)- National environmental

– Australian Marine Conservation (AMCS)- National protection of oceans and marine life

– Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE)- climate solutions think tank

– Renew -sustainable living

– Bush Heritage Australia – protection of ecosystems with help of Aboriginal communities

– Solar Citizens- solar power for the country

– Rainforest Rescue – saving rainforests in Australia and overseas

– – divestment from fossil fuels

– Market Forces – researches financial organisations and climate change

– ARENA – Australian Renewal Energy Agency –

– Community Power Agency – community clean energy projects –

– National Parks NSW (NPA) – protecting our incredible natural environment

– Total Environment Centre (TEC)  – environment protection and pollution reduction

– Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) –  protection of ecosystems