What can you do??

How about making the switch to renewable energy?

Have a look at: http://www.greenelectricitywatch.org.au which takes the effort out of going green by rating the top green providers for you. 
Currently the top 3 are:

  • Origin
  • AGL
  • Climate Friendly

These and other green providers offer a number of options to use renewable energy sources (wind, solar, hydro and biomass) for your home’s needs – some at minimal extra cost.

Next time you get an energy bill – have a look at this site and see how you could switch to renewable energy sources. Most enable you to sign up online or by phone. And all provide a range of cost alternatives. Signing up to renewable energy sends a message that the electorate cares about climate change!

Green Energy Watch is sponsored by the Australian Conservation Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund and the Total Environment Centre

With thanks to the Balmain-Rozelle Climate Change action group.

And… remember Earth Hour?

If you supported Earth hour with a candle-lit dinner, why not make a habit of it? http://earthhour.smh.com.au/