Shifting to Green Power


According to the Australian Conservation Foundation new quarterly sales figures for green power show ordinary Australians are voting with their wallets to pay for clean electricity, in the absence of any commitment by Government or Opposition to extend Australia’s renewable energy target.

In the last year voluntarily green power sales have grown by 47 per cent. In NSW the number of green power customers has more than doubled in 12 months. “At the same time both major parties have failed to expand Australia’s paltry 2 per cent renewable energy target.

When people choose accredited green power, their energy retailer is obliged to source the equivalent amount of electricity from renewable sources, like wind and solar. “The new figures show 565,977 ordinary Australians are doing their bit buy buying green power. Collectively these Australians are preventing nearly 4.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions entering the atmosphere every year which is equivalent to taking 930,000 cars off the road.”

Source: Australian Conservation Foundation


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