Have your say on 18 coal and gas projects by 24 November

Dear Supporters

We are asking you to do two things.

The first is asking the federal Environment Minister to reconsider the risks from 18 new coal and gas proposals. This has been brought about by the Environmental Council of Central Queensland (ECoCeQ). Minister Plibersek has been provided with evidence from 3,000 scientific documents outlining the harm these climate-wrecking projects would cause to nationally significant cultural heritage, places, animals, and plants.

This is an opportunity for Australians to voice their concerns about these projects and to ask the Environment Minister to reconsider their environmental impacts. The Australian government can no longer continue to claim it wants to act on climate change but still permit more or expanded fossil fuel projects.  Deadline is 24 November.

Living Wonders a group which includes Lock the Gate https://livingwonders.org.au/take-action/  is asking you to do a submission on each proposed project for maximum impact. There is information on how to fill in details in the above link. Submissions can simply be a few lines and the same submission can be used for each project – just make a word document and copy it for each project. Here is a sample you could use as a basis for your own submissions. https://livingwonders.org.au/take-action/frequently-asked-questions/  Click on each project or the ones you are most concerned about, click on the line that links you to the government website, answer the questions. For the first question answer YES, for the second answer NO and the remaining questions are standard for submissions for you to fill in how you wish. Then attach your individual letter at the end.  Alternatively (or as well as) you can add your name to an open letter to the Minister https://livingwonders.org.au/take-action/sign-the-open-letter/

GetUp! also has a link where you can add your name to a petition. https://www.getup.org.au/campaigns/climate-justice/reconsider-18-coal-and-gas-projects/tanya-plibersek-reconsider-18-coal-and-gas-projects

The second item is to ask federal Transport Minister, Catherine King, to back stronger fuel efficiency standards to help make clean transport more available. https://www.solarcitizens.org.au/fes_email_king

Thank you