March 2024 Newsletter

Ryde Gladesville Climate Action – March Newsletter


Roll up   – Ryde Gladesville Climate Action core group meets at 7pm on the first Monday of the month in Gladesville. And we need YOU, if putting the ACTION into Climate Action Group, sounds like you. An issue, we have always believed should be taken seriously without always being serious.  Hit us  up on FB as a DM or email info@clim or call Jo on 0414 375 149. If mainsplaining, capping population growth or conspiracy theories are your thing, we probably arent the group for you, otherwise, we’d love to hear from you.

Global emissions should peak this year and start falling marking a historic turning point, in the end of the fossil fuel era says the Climate Council. For more

We underestimate the readiness of people’s commitment to climate change action according to a recent study by the University of Bonn who found that nearly 70% of people are willing to forgo household income to stop climate change

A new way to do batteries – water? An RMIT-led research team has come up with an innovative way to make greener, recyclable “water batteries” that could replace lead acid batteries.

Eight things you can do to contribute to climate change mitigation, starting with joining an action group!

Don’t Frack the Betaloo   The NT Government now wants $3.6 billion to develop fracked gas from the Beetaloo Basin. The Federal government needs a clear message to support Traditional Owners and not support this you can email your local MP via Get Up’s link here

New vehicle efficiency standard  – The Federal government is seeking community feedback. Three options are put forward, with Option C being the strongest. A great opportunity to counter the car companies who are pushing back on this and wanting to keep dumping gas guzzlers in Aus.

Revisions to the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act -Legislation is hard to understand at the best of times, let alone when it’s a new proposal. The changes to the (EPBC Act) are well set out in this article.

Urban Heat Survey  – Ryde Council is asking residents to do this 5 minute survey on how well you and your house cope with heat waves. An opportunity to make suggestions on how we can cool our community through eg street planting, shaded greenspace, access to the riverfront

Until Sunday 17 March 2024.

What’s On

Week of global action from 3 – 12 May is supported by many key climate action groups. You might like to find out what Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is doing.

Ghostbusting- 8.30-9.30 14 March We know that coal expansions aren’t the way forward, but our state government keeps pushing them! The ghost of John Barilaro, and his Strategic Statement on Coal, allows the Labor Government to continue allowing the expansion of coal mines without proper climate considerations. Join Lock the Gate for a flash mob outside NSW Parliament to tell the Minns Government that we want them to exterminate coal expansions once and for all.

Earth hour after hour after hour  …. is now for the month of March and we are encouraged to be physically active for an hour a day to strengthen our commitment to climate action.

Yours in hope

Jo, Jill, Wies and Rachel