February 2023 Newsletter

Ryde Gladesville Climate Change Newsletter – February 2024

Ryde Gladesville CAG needs YOU!

Some of our long term core group members are moving on and out and we are looking for a couple of new people to join our core group.  We meet monthly on Monday evenings in Gladesville. If you are able to actively contribute to local climate work including : innovative campaigns, MP meetings, newsletter development, market stalls, our next meeting is on 4th March 7pm. Get in touch via email info@climatechangerg.org.au or call Jo on 0414375 149

Epping Community Battery

Ausgrid and the Federal government are installing a community battery in North Epping. Community consultations in 2023 and in January 2024 have indicated strong support.  The plan includes installation of an EV charging station. https://yoursay.ausgrid.com.au/sharedbatterynorthepping


Hottest Year on record

Yep. We’ve all heard it. 2023 was the hottest year on record with average land and ocean surface temperature 1.18 degrees C  above the 20th century — the highest global temperature among all years in NOAA’s 1850-2023 climate record. It also beats the next warmest year, 2016, by a record-setting margin of 0.27 of a degree F (0.15 of a degree C). https://www.noaa.gov/news/2023-was-worlds-warmest-year-on-record-by-far#:~:text=Earth’s%20average%20land%20and%20ocean,0.15%20of%20a%20degree%20C)

And now for some good news

Australia solar going up!

Australia is well poised to increase our production of solar panels https://reneweconomy.com.au/can-australia-make-its-own-solar-landmark-study-says-yes-and-actually-it-has-to/

Finally!   Fuel efficiency standards

Australia will finally join other developed countries by introducing vehicle  efficiency standards with emissions targets for new vehicles sold in Australia. This will lead to manufacturers bringing more EV models to Australia https://www.abc.net.au/news/2024-02-04/new-vehicle-efficiency-standard-for-new-cars/103425022

Climate pollution falling…

U.S. climate pollution has fallen by about 2-3% compared to the previous year and is now 18-19% below 2005 levels. Climate pollution in the European Union improved even more, declining by about 6-7% in 2023 as the member nations accelerated their clean energy deployments — in part to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels sourced from Russia. https://yaleclimateconnections .org/2024/01/climate-news-to-watch-in-2024/

A win for truth

EU has passed legislation to prohibit greenwashing and misleading advertising by companies claiming false environmental credentials  https://www.euronews.com/2024/01/17/meps-adopt-new-law-banning-greenwashing-and-misleading-product-information?ref=futurecrunch.com

Greta Thunberg not vanquished

Gretta Thunberg, taken to court in Britain for a protest along with and four co-defendants have been found not guilty of breaking the law when they refused to follow police instructions to move on during a climate protest. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-68180317

How to recycle hard stuff 




We love hearing from our supporters. Let us know what you would like to see more or less of in this newsletter, forthcoming relevant local events.


Yours in hope

Jo, Jill, Wies and Rachel.