August 2021 Newsletter

Some good things have happened: The EU has drafted plans to set a EU-wide minimum tax rate for polluting aviation fuels; Indian government tried to auction off 19 coal mines – 70% received no bids; EU legislation to have tougher caps on car emissions and a plan to tax foreign companies for the pollution they create; Santos has surrendered its right to explore for oil in the Great Australian Bight; Japan to greatly increase renewables and won’t want our gas and coal; Aware Super, Australia’s second largest superannuation fund has completely divested from thermal coal;Centennial Coal withdrew its application for Angus Place coal mine near Lithgow


Note: Council elections posponed until 4 December.

How to have climate conversations  Australian Parents for Climate Action is organising an online event on 5 August 7.30-9pm to help you have those conversations.  For info and bookings go to

NSW Smart Energy Summit  will be a virtual event on 10 August  9am – 4pm. Free but you need to register at


Ryde Council garden competition Applications are open with many categories including one for children. Entires close 31 August. For information and to enter go to


Photo competition Nature Conservancy Australia is running a free photo competition that closes 31 August. It is looking for photos of incredible Australian landscapes, native wildlife, people in nature and underwater views. For information and to enter

National citizen science needs your help. Our frogs are dying and the reason is not clear. Report sightings of sick or dead frogs to
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Made a submission opposing $50m for fracking in NT

Made a submission supporting AGPA bill for 50 regional community energy hubs

Signed letter asking Japanese companies not to fund coal-fired power stations in Bangladesh

Signed letter asking financial institutions not to invest in Adani’s projects

Signed letter asking financial insitutions not to invest in New Hope

Wrote to John Alexander and Trent Zimmerman about the UNESCO’s decision on the Great Barrier Reef

Signed petition asking for a ban on helium balloons

Signed petition opposing ongoing gas exploration in NSW


Why a 2050 target is useless A 2030 target is really what we need.

Australia’s poor performance in so many ways
Australia  scored 10 out of 100 on tackling fossil fuel emissions.
Private markets won’t improve Australia’s environmental health.
Australia’s export credit agency gave 80 times more money to fossil fuel projects than renewables.
Why our cities aren’t lush green oases yet.
Government’s modelling fails to include cost of climate change.
Head of Clean energy regulator is a fossil fuel executive.
Proposed carbon tax to bite government

Beetaloo Basin Government hands $21m to company with links to Liberal Party
Senate inquiry into Beetaloo
Keith Pitt facing court action
Sign the petition supporting Traditional Owners fighting fracking in NT

Renewables keep getting cheaper
Cost of batteries is falling fast
New AEMO head says we can be 100% renewables by 2025
WA’s proposed energy hub could power Australia
Gas generation slumped first half 2021
Offshore wind turbines in Australia

Chevron’s CCS in WA $60m of taxpayer money wasted on this colossal failure

NSW still keen on fossil fuel mining Read what the NSW government has decided about gas licences
Sign the petition opposing ongoing gas exploration
NSW Dept of Planning approves of Santos “independent” advisors who have ties with gas industry
Emissions from fossil fuel projects approved in the past three years will undo much of the government’s emissions reduction work

New Hope Mine Sign the letter asking banks not to fun this coal mining company

Bangladesh  has cancelled 10 coal projects.  Sign the letter asking banks not to fund the 11th.

Sixty years of climate change warnings. Big oil has known about climate change for a long time

Adani how China was convinced not to fund it
But still Adani is looking for finance to expand its operations. Sign the letter to financial institutions asking them to not do so including Blackrock, a major investment group still investing trillions in fossil fuel projects.
Moody has changed their ‘outlook’ for the Abbot Point Coal terminal to negative

Environmental Accounting what it is, how it’s good for the environment but sadly an opportunity squandered by the government.


Helium balloons Sign the petition to all environment ministers asking for a ban on these balloons that are killing marine life and birds.

Single use plastics bans  where we’re at

Better instructions could help us recycle better.

Reduce your single use plastic use by going to


A new type of battery for EVs A Korean group has developed a high-performance, economical anode material for use in sodium-ion secondary batteries.

EV charging stations in Ryde Two new public EV charging stations are now available. For locations go to

Charging ahead Watch the recording of a forum organised by Solar Citizens on what needs to be done to increase uptake of EVs