December 2021 Newsletter

This is our final newsletter for the year.  It has been, yet again, another one of frustration with the glacial pace of action on climate change but there have been some major positive steps to wean the world off fossil fuels.
Next year we will be heading to a federal election which will be crucial in how Australia deals with climate change in the coming decade.  We encourage you to continue to talk about climate change to everyone you can and to take action, be it signing petitions, contacting MPs or attending rallies.

We hope you can join us at the Sawdust Hotel (386 Victoria Road, Gladesville) on Monday 13 December at 7.30pm for a get together and a chat.

We wish you all the best for the festive season and thank you for your support.

Some good things have happenedBNY Mellon will no longer fund Adani’s mine (104th company to do so); RSA and Conduit RE are two more insurers walking away from Adani; the NSW government will ban dark roofs on new homes in a bid to reduce the “urban heat island”; more than 40 senior academics and scientists have vowed not to work with Science Museum in London because of its financial relationship with fossil fuel corporations; The Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) called out BlackRock for investing in Adani group; MSCI a major investment research firm has removed Adani Ports from its climate indexes (which means it doesn’t believe the company is environmentally sustainable)


How to talk to politicians Australian Parents for Climate Change is running a virtual workshop on how to talk to MPs about climate change on 6 December 8.30-9pm. To book go to

Renewable energy Lock the Gate is running a webinar on 7 December at 6.45pm on how you can save money by investing in renewable energy. Speakers include Simon Holmes à Court. To book go to

Smart Energy Council  is running on online forum on 9 December on what industry and universities are working on to deal with climate change.  Free but you need to book at

Survey on recycling Ryde Council is running a survey to find out about the recycling habits of residents and what they’d like to see done to improve it. Closes 12 December. Go to

Eating our way to extinction  is a documentary about how eating a more plant-based diet can help in the climate change battle. It can be viewed on streaming services iTunes/Apple TV, Google Play, Amazon Prime, VUDU, with more to follow.

Citizen science projects Citizen Science provides an opportunity for us to observe and report on nature around us.  To find out what projects you can be involved in go to

Voices for Nature podcasts The Nature Conservation Council (NCC) has a number of podcasts about environmental issues. To listen to past podcasts and upcoming ones go to


Made a submission objecting to the raising of Warragamba Dam wall

Signed letter asking koalas be listed as ‘endangered’

Signed letter asking GIP not to fund Scarborough gas project in WA

Wrote a submission opposing Vale Point coal-fired power station’s seeking an exemption to the NSW Clean Air Regulation

Signed petition asking big banks like Chase, Wells Fargo, MUFG and Bank of America not fund fossil fuel projects

Wrote to NAB voicing concern about their plan to continue funding fossil fuel projects despite their recent announcement.

Wrote submission supporting setting up a marine park around Christmas and Cocos Islands.

Signed petition asking taxpayer money not fund fracking in NT by Origin and Empire Energy.

Wrote to Convex Insurance asking they not insure Adani’s mine, port or railway.

Wrote to Perdaman asking they not purchase Woodside’s Scarborough gas.

Addressed Ryde Council in support of its Net Zero Emissions plan.

Signed petition to UNESCO raising concerns about Tasmanian government winding back protection of Tasmanian World Heritage Area

Signed letter raising concerns about Lend Lease’s Gilead project that will severely affect koala population in the Campbelltown area.

Signed letter asking for stronger SEPP requirements for urban building

Signed letter to SBI asking it not invest $1bn in Adani


COP 26 Roundup Was anything really achieved? This podcast may help understand what was (or was not) achieved
Deforestation pledge a good intention but it needs legislation to make it work.
Refusal to reduce methane doesn’t help rural communities to deal with climate change when half of Australia’s methane emissions come from agriculture.
Stopping methane emissions from fossil fuel mining could help significantly in reducing carbon emissions
Banks and fund managers representing 40% of all financial assets have promised to put climate action at the centre of their work but aren’t bound to stop financing fossil-fuel expansion
More than 20 countries and financial institutions including the US, UK and the European Investment Bank, promised to halt all overseas fossil fuel financing and divert the spending to green energy
Breakthrough Agenda has 40 countries (including Australia) agree to invest in green technologies that are more affordable and accessible than fossil fuels.  The first five breakthroughs will be clean energy, green steel, hydrogen and sustainable farming.
Morrison, the gas industry and Glasgow  read how the gas industry framed Australia’s position at Glasgow
Australia, last (again) to do anything about climate change.

Australian fossil fuel projects were given $36.7bn in foreign public financing over a decade compared to $3.3bn to renewables in the same period.

Australia – highest emitter of carbon from coal per capita in the world.
Imagine a post coal Australia podcast

Want better, more sustainably built buildings that will cope with climate change?  Sign the letter asking the NSW government to put these in place and not let developers continue to build shoddy and environmentally unsustainable buildings.

Fracking in NT  Origin and Empire Energy want to frack in NT, funded using our taxpayer money thanks to the federal government (and supported by Labor). Sign the petition

Protecting koalas  Sign the letter to Scott Morrison asking they be listed as  ‘Endangered’.Closing date 10 December.

State Bank of India is still thinking of funding Adani. Sign the letter asking it doesn’t
Convex Insurance  one of the few remaining insurance companies that could insure Adani. Write using the form asking they don’t.
Adani Ports stocks fall following MSCI’s removal of some climate change indices

Eco-anxiety What is it?
Ten ways to confront the climate crisis without losing hope.

NAB announced  it will phase out lending to new oil and gas projects.  However, with so many loopholes, it will be able to continue funding these projects. Sign the letter asking them to do better.

Carbon offsets  Is it just big business greenwashing?

Enova Community Energy is Australia’s first community-owned energy social enterprise. If you’re thinking of changing your electricity supplier, you could check out Enova. Joining also supports protecting areas of the Daintree. Go to

Electrify everything Households account for 40% of Australia’s carbon emissions. We have the opportunity to make a signficant reduction at home! Read here how and here

Powershop a power retailer which provided the most “green” electricity in Australia, has been bought by Shell, one of the world’s biggest polluters. If you are a concerned customer of Powershop or if you want to go with a more environmentally option, have a look at this article. Greenpeace will be updating its Green Electricity Guide early 2022.

Scarborough gas project  Woodside will proceed with this $16bn gas project even though it still doesn’t have all necessary environment and planning approvals. The PM could not be happier This is being challenged in court and WA’s premier says he will intervene if the court case rules against it proceeding.
Use this form to let your super fund you’re concerned it has not stopped fossil fuel companies such as Woodside and BHP from investing in fossil fuel projects.
Perdaman  is the only domestic buyer of Woodside’s Scarborough gas.  Sign the letter asking they not support this project.

Newhope still wants to mine coal past 2030. Sign the letter asking its bankers to walk away from this project

Regional community power hubs Help make this a federal election item. Sign up to be involved in the campaign.


Recycling soft plastics REDcycle has teamed up with iQ Renew to better cycle soft plastics.

REDcycle You can leave soft plastics in collection bins at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.  For a list of what can be recycled (put it on your fridge to remind you) go to

Recycling plastic plant pots You can leave clean plant pots for recycling at Eden Gardens or The Habitat (Santa Rosa Park, Quarry Road)

Textile waste – we’ve a long way to go

Recycling building materials Here’s how to create a circular economy and dramatically reduce landfill.


Coalition’s EV plan does not go far enough (like providing subsidies) to get people to buy EVs.

Sydney’s electric buses started rolling out in October. Supported by ARENA.

Thinking about buying an EV?  The NSW government’s rebate scheme may help you do so.

The embarrassingly easy way to make it cheaper to buy an EV.