February 11

We would like to congratulate our new Australian of the Year 2011 Mr Simon McKeon, philanthropist & businessman who has taken a strong position on the need for urgent action on climate change.

Printing paper

The Wilderness Society has launched a new campaign to change people’s purchasing behaviour.  Instead of buying Reflex brand paper printing paper, which is made from pulp from trees logged in native forests, the organisation is encouraging people to buy recycled paper which is labelled “100% recycled post-consumer waste”. It is hoped that by people taking this action, the company will be forced to change it source of pulp to 100% plantation or recycled fibre. To find out more, please visit:


Global Issues:  

There is now a proven link between climate change and human impact. Scientists from universities in Canada and Scotland have made the link between increased heavy rainfall and greenhouse gas emissions.  The study was published recently in the journal Nature. A report from the ABC can be seen at:


Australian Issues: 


The recent floods and cyclone in Queensland has highlighted the need for State and Federal governments to be more assertive in tackling climate change and adjusting their current funding policies to bring about real action.

One of the biggest contributors to climate change is the burning of fossil fuels. However, instead of cutting emissions, Anna Bligh is rushing to repair coal industry infrastructure so that Xstata and BHP can continue business as usual.

Julia Gillard could easily use the $9 billion of annual government subsidies to the fossil fuel industry to cover the costs of flood relief.  Instead, she has announced cuts to programmes that would reduce greenhouse gas emissions such as the ‘Solar Flagships’ that supports investment into large-scale solar power generators and the green car initiatives.

If you would like to support this call to action, you can sign an on-line petition at:


Climate Commission

Tim Flannery, the 2007 Australian of the Year, will be heading the Climate Commission which the Federal Government has established.  The commission will be looking at the effects of climate change on the Australian community.  Greg Combet, the Federal Minister for Climate Change made the announcement recently.

The Commission will look at the recent natural disasters and the role of climate change as well as increasing information to the public about climate change.

For more information, go to:



More on Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery and Paul Collins, a Catholic theologian, recently featured on Radio National on 30 January 2011 talking about the ethical and religious aspects of a changing climate. Read the transcript at:


“You ain’t seen nothing yet”

Professor Ross Garnaut is warning that unless Australia takes immediate and decisive action on climate change, we can expect more extreme weather events such as experienced in Queensland into the future.

He further said that a World Bank study concluded that Australia was a world champion by a large amount in the amount of carbon emissions per head. Read more:


Local Issues

Clean up Australia Day will be held on Sunday 6 March. For more information go to:


Dates for your diary:

Saturday 5 March. 1pm Boronia Grove Function Centre, 49 Rawson St, Epping.

Movie “Gaslands” will be shown, which highlights the dangers of coal seam gas. Guest speaker will be Cate Faehrmann MLC.

Saturday 12 March. 2-pm Shepherds Bay Community Centre, 3A Bay Drive, Meadowbank.

Movie “Future Makers” will be shown. Guest speaker will be Dr Mark Diesendorf, Dep. Director Environmental Studies, UNSW.

Next meeting:

Monday 14 March, 2011  at  7.30 pm.  Call Pamela on 9816 5672 or

 Jo on 0414 375 149 for details.

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