July 2016 Newsletter

Now that the Coalition has been returned to government, the need  for climate change action will continue to be an important policy particularly as there are a number of climate change deniers still in the Coalition and in the new Senate.


End of solar bonus scheme Ryde Council is running an information session on 20 July at the Price Theatre at Macquarie University 6.30-8.30pm. Find out what your options are once the feed-in tarifs end at the end of this year. A must for anyone with PV system. Event is free but booking essential. https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/end-of-the-solar-bonus-scheme-information-session-tickets-25856651942

SWAP (Sustainable Waste to Art Prize) Ryde Council is running a competition that encourages entrants to create an artwork with the theme of sustainable living or waste. Entries close 25 July. For information and entry go to http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/swap

Riverfest On 30 July 12pm-3pm Ryde Council is hosting a free family fun day at Putney Park to celebrate life around the Parramatta River. Activities for adults an children. For details

National Tree Day  Be part of the Jim Walsh Park Creek Restoration project and help to create a wildlife corridor along the upper reaches of Terrys Creek on Sunday 31 July 10am-12 noon. For bookings and further information http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/Events/Listing/National-Tree-Day-2016

Ryde Council 2016 Spring Garden Competition  Entry is free. Entries close 31 August. There are 12 categories including Children’s seed competition (closes 31 July). For information and entry go to  http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/gardencomp

Moocooboola Moocooboola will be held on Sunday 7 August at Boronia Ovals (corner Ryde and Park Roads), Hunters Hill from 9.30am-4.30pm.  We’ll be there so come and say hello.


Who’s who in the Senate? Who in the Senate belives in climate change and supports a transition to 100% renewables? Check out this guide from the Climate Council. http://www.climatecouncil.org.au/election-2016-climate-policy-crossbenchers

Coastal risk With the storms last month that caused so much damage to areas like Collaroy, there is a website you can go to which predicts coastal areas that will be affected by climate change. Have a look at http://coastalrisk.com.au/

Flash Flooding University of NSW engineers have warned that flash flooding will become the norm due to climate change. http://www.sustainabilitymatters.net.au/content/water/news/get-used-to-flash-flooding-scientists-say-

Container deposit scheme (CDS)  Finally this scheme will be introduced by July 2017. For information on how it will work go to http://www.epa.nsw.gov.au/waste/cds-work.htm

Let’s end plastic entering the ocean The Boomerang Alliance, which successfully managed the campaign for the CDS, now has its sights on stopping all plastic pollution entering the ocean by 2020.Plastic pollution includes plastic bags, microplastics and factory pollution. To see what you can do go to http://www.boomerangalliance.org.au/plastic_bags

Renewables the next job boom? Sadly the Coalition is ignoring this possibility. Trends overseas show this is where the jobs are. http://www.sustainabilitymatters.net.au/content/energy/news/could-renewables-be-the-next-job-boom-for-australia

Hollows for homes Tree hollows are critical as nesting places for many of our native birds.  Here is some information on research and where people are able to register trees they know have hollows. https://www.rbgsyd.nsw.gov.au/Hollows-as-Homes/Hollows-as-Homes

Effects of mining on farmers In December state environment ministers agreed to implement standards for air and noise pollution to be implemented by end of June.  The NSW government has not done so.  It makes life for farmers impossible.  Sign the petition and ask the government to do as it promised. https://hunterenvironmentcentre.good.do/fairgo/cleanair/

Banks not funding renewables Despite the trend overseas of investing in renewables, the big Australian banks have invested record lows – in fact ANZ and Commbank have loaned a combined $0 despite CommBank saying their appetite  for renewable energy was “unlimited”. Bob Katter is calling for public funding of the Adani mine.  Sign the petition and ask the banks to publically commit to funding renewables not fossil fuels. http://www.marketforces.org.au/renewables-lending-plummets-as-katter-calls-for-coal-funding

Communities leading the way Communites and councils no longer want to wait for federal governments to take action on climate change and are taking matters into their own hands. Read how https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/2016/jun/28/climate-change-communities-and-councils-fill-void-on-zero-emissions-targets

Capture the sun 2030 competition Did you know that enough sunlight falls on the earth in an hour to power the world for a year? Enter this competition being run by Solar Citizens to take a photo of the sun rising or setting and post the shot on Instagram using the hashtag #capturethesun2030. For details go to  http://www.capturethesun2030.com/#about

New lighting developments The new generation of LED and fluorescent lights are on their way. http://www.sustainabilitymatters.net.au/content/sustainability/news/a-new-phosphor-for-more-efficient-lighting

Help installation of solar panels in East Timor The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has volunteers who help install solar systems in East Timor.  If you’d like to support their work, you can make a tax deductible donation.  Go to http://www.ata.org.au/what-we-do/ipg


Disposal of light bulbs Want to know how to dispose of compact fluorescent light bulbs? You can drop them off at West Ryde library or Macquarie University. For more details go to http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/Environment-and-Waste/Waste-and-Recycling/Other-Waste-Services/Specialist-Recyclable-Drop-off
Do not put incandescent light bulbs in glass recycling bin as they don’t have same melting temperature as glass in jars or bottles. For more info go to http://recyclenation.com/2015/01/how-to-recycle-light-bulbs#sthash.wqfjCzBB.dpuf

Don’t throw it out. Fix it! Lane Cove Repair Cafe may be the place to go to have small items like jewellery and small household items repaired.  There is also a volunteer who can show you how to sharpen knives,secateurs and pruning tools. No cost but donations are welcome. Open first two Sundays of the month 1-3pm at Uniting Church Hall, corner Pacific Highway and Mowbray Road.