May 2015 newsletter

Tesla comes to Macquarie Centre An all electric zero emissions Tesla car is on show at the Macquarie Centre in Ryde until 28 November. This follows the opening of the first Australian dealership in St Leonards in December. Not just green but reaches acceleration speeds of 0-100kmh in 3.4 seconds.

Shhh…. don’t mention the “c” word – the massive storm that dumped the most rain on Sydney in more than 13 years in a single day – 21 April, would in some parts of the world be defined as a cyclone. What could make something like this happen?

Royal Commission into Coal seam gas Former Palmer United Party senator Glen Lazarus has a petition on calling for a royal commission into CSG with 52,000 signatures to date…. Read more

Divestment! AND the Guardian newspaper has launched its own Keep it in the Ground campaign and pressuring   the Melinda and Bill Gates Trust to divest 1.2bn in oil, gas and coal stocks. To sign the petition

Upper Mooki Landcare Group – has taken the Shenhua mining company to court over their proposed open cut mine on the Liverpool plains in one of Australia’s most productive farming areas

Climate and Health Alliance has set out a schedule for emissions cuts that would see Australia reach zero emissions in 2040, with a minimum target of 20% reduction of 2000 CO2 levels by 2020; 40% by 2025; 60% by 2030; 80% by 2035; and negative net emissions by 2050. CAHA note that the health impacts at the current less than one degree of warming are already serious, and deadly and are calling for a ban on all new coal mine licences, and for the immediate closure of seven of the oldest, most polluting coal fired power stations in the country.

How to reduce Ryde Council provide a free in home assessment on reducing your energy use.

What’s On

Divestment! Commonwealth banks in Parramatta, and the CBD Saturday 23 May

Frackman! Screening from Bunbury to Bairnsdale right across and locally showing at Brookvale – Waringah Mall Event Cinemas Wednesday 13 May 6.30pm.Only 34 tickets left.

Greater Sydney Regional Landcare Bushcare Forum Friday 15th May 2015
WHEN:Friday 15th May 8.30 am to 3 pm, Maiden Theatre, Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney – to find out more and register HERE