November 2015 newsletter

People’s March With the Paris Climate Conference in December, there will be a worldwide People’s March to let the politicians know we want real action on climate change. We strongly urge you to keep 29 November free and come to the rally. A large turnout will show the government we expect Australia to do better. Tell your friends, family, work colleagues, anyone who cares, to come. This will be the most important thing you can do for the climate this year. For details go to

End Adani handouts The Resources Minister Josh Frydenberg, when asked on Radio National, if he would be prepared to give huge handouts for Adani’s coal project answered “Adani needs to stand on its own two feet… it wouldn’t be a priority project for the Commonwealth.” Send him an email and ask him rule out handouts for Adani.–3/tell-josh-frydenberg-no-money-for-adani/tell-josh-frydenberg-no-money-for-adani?t=93pPnfEn8&utm_campaign=Adani%27s+sinking+liferaft&utm_content=10425&utm_medium=email&utm_source=blast

Divest Australian Super Sign the petition to ask Australian Super (Australia’s largest super fund) to divest from fossil fuels, starting with coal.

Oil exploration in Great Australian Bight BP is planning to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Let’s not forget what happened with BP in the Gulf of Mexico. Sign the petition to say no

Shell in the Arctic Shell has shelved its plans to drill for oil in the Arctic (for now). Sign the petition to encourage them to never consider it again.

Future Fund The Future Fund, our $117 billion sovereign wealth fund has enormous investments in fossil fuels. Sign the petition to say start divesting

50% renewables by 2030? Sign this petition to encourage Malcolm Turnbull to make it happen.!&utm_source=blast&utm_medium=email

Time for universities to divest Sign this petition to ask our universities to divest from fossil fuels.

Powering up against poverty This is a report by Oxfam as to why renewable energy is the best energy source for those living in poverty. A long but insightful report.

Amazing tent Read about this amazing tent designed to catch and store water and power.

It’s a Gas! Test your knowledge of carbon dioxide and its role in climate stability and our quality of life.

The new technologies just keep on coming. Energy efficient windows, Energy from water pipes, more efficient solar cells

Renewables now world’s second largest energy source Coal is number one, now closely followed by renewables.

Energy efficient city buildings The City of Sydney has a program called CitySwitch which encourages commercial tenants to improve energy efficiency, save money and cut carbon emissions. There are over 741 offices now involved.

Reducing rubbish The Boomerang Alliance is a group, backed by 32 community groups, whose aim is to reduce rubbish. It was instrumental in getting the NSW Government to bring in Cash for containers. Go to their website and find out more about them and see what you can do to help.

Carbon Emissions Index Report (CEDEX) The Australian Institute will be producing this report which is a benchmark indicator for Australia’s carbon emissions and will produce figures for total renewable energy produced here including all wind and solar. This report is a resource for industry and policy makers. The data from the CEDEX showed how successful the two years of carbon pricing was in Australia. . For a discussion on the potential for storage to revolutionise the energy system listen to Simon Hackett and Fran Kelly on RN breakfast.

Dangers of TPP The WTO (World Trade Organisation) has ruled against India’s ambitious solar energy program because it said India discriminated against US manufacturers. This demonstrates the environmentally and economically destructive pro-corporate deals like TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).
Considering that solar is now cheaper than coal in India this is a major concern.

Solar farm in Queensland Sun Edison has been named as the co-developer with Australia’s Solar Choice of the proposed 2GW Bulli Creek mega solar project in south-west Queensland, which would be the largest in the world once fully developed.

Carbon challenge One Million Women has developed a carbon challenge that lets you choose activities to cut your carbon pollution. There are over 50 activities across home energy, food, travel, shopping, sharing and money. Check it out

HESTA – divest Sign this petition to encourage HESTA, the super fund for the health profession, to divest from fossil fuels.

What’s On
Film screening Getup is showing the documentary ‘This Changes Everything’ at Roseville cinema 112 pacific Highway Roseville on 28 October 6.30-8.30 pm. It shows people responding to the impact of climate change. To buy tickets go to

Film screening “Black Hole” the story of the fight to stop the Maules Creek coal mine. To find a screening near you go to!screenings/cnzk

Harvest Festival against Shenhua coal mine.The local community with the support of 350 organisation is having a festival 6-8 November which will include music, activities for kids, food and workshops on local farming, Gomeroi culture and risks to the Liverpool Plains, the most productive farmland in the country, from this mine. Sign up today to receive updates and to connect with others travelling up from your area.

Helping small birds The Habitat Network is organising planting in the Shrimptons Creek area to improve the habitat for wildlife on 14 November. For details go to or 0419 206 253.

Aussie Backyard bird count This is an annual event run by Birdlife Australia to record the birds you see between 19 and 25 October in your yard. For details go to