November 2023 Newsletter

As at 31 October 2023 CO2 reading was 420.1 parts per million. Source NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  Safe level is 350 parts per million

ACT and Victorian Governments have banned future gas connections for all new homes
Stockholm will ban all petrol and diesel cars from city centre from 2025.
A logging ban in parts of the Tallaganda State Forest has been extended thanks to a local breach report done by local residents on the failure of Forestry Corporation NSW to identify endangered greater glider habitat
Climate Active The federal government is looking to overhaul this scheme to ensure businesses really are doing something about climate change
Air France will stop most domestic flights from Paris Orly airport by summer of 2026
Construction of Santos pipeline on hold for its controversial Barossa Gas Project off the coast of the Tiwi Islands following court ruling.
ACT introduces Australia-first right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment legislation

Antarctic Ice sheet recovery of the sea ice stalled and for the first time on the satellite record going back 44 years, the September maximum failed to get above 17m sq kilometres. When Labor was last in power, the demise of Antarctica and implications for the world didn’t concern it too much.  Hopefully this time it’s a spur to action.
The Federal Court found the Environment Minister can ignore the climate harm from new coal and gas projects – but said it was up to Parliament to change the law to require consideration of climate change. This ruling is now being challenged in court.
Greenpeace in UK has lost court case challenging the new North Sea oil and gas mines
The government and the Opposition have teamed up to pass legislation that will allow companies to import greenhouse gases and bury them beneath Australia’s sea floor.

Webinar on regional renewable projects will be held at 12 noon 10 November.  To register, go to
You can read the report on the benefits to regions at

NSW Marine Parks forum will be held on 13 November at UTS and online. Free but you need to book

Renew is holding webinars on fire-resistant houses on 13, 20, 27 November and 4 December.  Free but you need to book

Climate Strike to be held on 17 November at 12noon starting at Belmore Park and then marching to Tanya Plibersek’s office.

Bird walk to be held on 19 November in the Field of Mars, East Ryde. Two sessions – 8.30am and 10.30am starting at the Visitor’s Centre. Free but you need to book at or leave a message on 9879 6067, indicating numbers participating and your preferred time. Suitable for children 5-12 years old if accompanied by an adult. Numbers are limited.

Newcastle port blockade will be held 24-27 November.  Bring your own vessel – anything from a surfboard to a yacht or borrow a kayak from Rising Tide or support from the beach. For more information

Turn up the heat on Labor in a nationwide week of action 4-12 December. To join the action go to

Smart Energy Conference will be held at ICC at Darling Harbour on 6-7 March 2024 where you can hear about the latest in renewable energy. Its free but you need to register at

How many coal mining jobs will be lost by 2050?  According to a new study, over 990,000 world-wide. In Australia it will be over three-quarters of current employees with Queensland being particularly hard hit.

Protect water in the NT Sign this petition asking Tanya Plibersek for urgent reforms so that the impacts of gas fracking on water sources is independently assessed under national environment laws.
And this one

Why did the CSIRO say it was OK?
Methane bubbling in groundwater
observed at hot springs in an area targeted for gas production.

Centennial Coal wants to discharge millions more litres of contaminated water right into the rivers that feed Sydney’s main drinking water source, Warragamba Dam. Email NSW Planning minister asking this be referred to the federal environment minister.

GE wants to expand its fossil fuel projects. Sign the letter asking it not proceed.

Tamboran the company fracking in the Beetaloo Basin. Not only has it received government grants, threatened journalists and snubbed a senate inquiry, it is now shifting control of the company to the US jurisdiction of Delaware known for corporate secrecy and tax avoidance.  Write a submission  using this easy form to the committee that is looking at the Middle Arm Industrial Precinct to voice your opposition.

Save the swift parrot in Tasmania sign the petition asking for all areas of swift parrot habitat to be protected from logging.

We need a plan and implementation of policies, not just announcements, if the government is to seriously tackle climate change.
Carbon price, tax on coal exports and “green tariffs” these are what economists think we need.

California leads the way From 2026 large companies will have to publicly disclose their carbon emissions. From 2027 they have to report scope three emissions of their supply chains and customers.

Energy transition how to do it (without extending aging power stations)

Australia’s new environmental law  What should it look like? Here’s what EJA (Environmental Justice Australia) thinks.

Getting to zero this is a series of wide-ranging articles about climate change and how we can tackle it.

Australia – the smiling assassin when it comes to delaying action on climate change.

Nuclear energy is it the best choice for Australia to tackle climate change? (No).

What are the health and economic costs of fracking in NT?  Watch this webinar to find out.

Fire-smart farming What is it and how it can help agriculture in Australia?

Cleaning up Australia’s disused mines this is what can be done with them.

Lithium-Sulphur battery Australian researchers are developing this battery which could be more effective in storing energy.

Renewable Energy Target (RET) why it’s time to bring it back and help speed up our transition to renewables.

Stabilising Australia’s energy grid ARENA is funding research into developing a tool to monitor the grid as more renewables enter it.

Home batteries This webinar from Solar Citizens discusses how home batteries can help you and the grid.

What to wear for a climate crisis Australia has the highest carbon footprint for clothing in the G20.

Recycling carbon fibre Australian researchers are developing new methods

Australia and plastic pollution We are one of the top two plastic waste per person nations in the world. Sign the petition asking for a national plastic reduction target.

Recycling EV car batteries Researchers are finding methods to recycle metals from EV car batteries.

History of the electric car It’s been around longer than you think