October 08

Meeting with Maxine McKew

Well we missed out on meeting with John Watkins (who resigned two days before our meeting) but this month RGCCAG will meet  Maxine McKew, MP for Bennelong. We plan to find out what actions she has taken in relation to climate change and encourage her to argue for stronger targets in the forthcoming white paper on responding to climate change than those suggested by Prof Garnaut. We will publicise the results in our next newsletter. If you have questions you would like put to her, email  info@climatechangerg.org by 27th October.

Walk Against Warming

Walk Against Warming (11 am Sat 15 November, Martin Place) is the annual rally that brings all those concerned about climate change out to be counted. Without a large turn out, it’s easy for the media, business and government to think that people don’t care. It comes at a critical point, when world governments are deciding how to respond to the climate crisis. The community’s  voice has never been more important

The NSW Nature Conservation Council which organises the Walk is asking for volunteers to help distribute flyers and posters. If you can help call 9279 2466 or email climatevolunteer@nccnsw.org.au

The cost of bottled water

Some facts from a recent article in New Internationalist September 2008

  • A bottle of water has an ecological footprint = to quarter filling it with oil.
  • Each ton of PET produces 3 tons of C02.
  • Much of it is shipped 1,0000s of kilometres before use generating more C02 emissions.
  • Only 36% of PET bottles are recycled, 40-50% are shipped to other countries for recycling (releasing more C02 on the way)
  • The proportion of recycled plastic in PET bottles is very low because its cheaper to produce bottles from unused PET.
                                                                  do you really need it ?

Upcoming Events

Forum – Connecting Cities: Ideas and inspiration for sustainable cities
Thursday 23 October 6.30-8.00pm State Theatre Market St City

Speakers from London and Mumbai. Free. More info http://www.sydney2030.com.au/

Free GreenHome workshops for Ryde
7-9pm, 29 October, 5 ,12,19  November  North Ryde Golf Club, Twin Road, North Ryde. Workshops being held locally by the ACF to help residents reduce energy usage in the home. 

Walk Against Warming
11am Sat 15 Nov, Martin Place, Sydney

Australia’s biggest day of action on climate change. Come and walk with Ryde Gladesville Climate Change Action Group under our banner.