October 10

Wind power at Buffalo Creek Reserve 10 October 2010

Sunday 10/ 10/10 is International Day of Climate Action also known as 350.org day. 350 is the safe number of parts per million of CO2 that is safe for the planet. http://www.350.org/en/about/science

Groups around the world last year and again this year, are marking the day by small and large actions. Last year Ryde Gladesville CAG made and lit 350 candle lanterns.

This year we are celebrating wind power by inviting people to join us to make miniature windmills at Buffalo Creek Reserve and form the shape of the number 350. When? 2pm-4pm Sunday 10th October. Where? Buffalo Creek Reserve, Pittwater Rd. We will supply the materials and parachute games for children. Come and join us and be in the pictures we will take to add to images from events around the world on the 350 website . If you can help out, call Jo 9816 35943.

350 parachute games



We need to get below 350ppm CO2 in the atmosphere

how do I ? sustainability

Shmeco is a new website by the group who brought us sustainable house day that answers your sustainability questions and has a green services directory. We asked it how many hours of energy is used to shut down and reboot a computer to help us work out when its better to shut down a computer than let it run. To ask your own http://www.shmeco.com/sustainable-green-living/

23 ways to make your fridge use less energy

After hot water, most people’s biggest electricity user is the refrigerator. You can reduce energy use by:-

  1. keeping warm foods out
  2. keeping items off the back wall
  3. using glass and ceramic containers
  4. keeping it packed full but not too full

For the other 19 tips see… http://www.renewablesathome.com/energy-conservation/10-ways-to-make-your-refrigerator-use-less-energy