Special Alert – July 11

Its finally happened. After five years it appears that Australia is close to a big step forward on climate change.

The Australian Conservation Foundation says that if this agreement is passed in August or September it will be the most significant legislative victory for the environment in Australia’s history, laying the foundations for a clean energy future.

But we can’t celebrate yet.

The next week is critical as the vested interests that oppose action will be going to work to undermine the agreement. They’ll continue to say this package will send households broke. They’ll say we shouldn’t act before the rest of the world, even though, without this package, Australia lags way behind the curve. They’ll say it will cost jobs, even though study after study has shown action on climate change will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs and the deal has the support of unions and workers.


  • Lift Australia’s 2050 emissions target to 80%
  • Lay the foundation for science-based climate action in the coming years and supports the effort to reach an ambitious global climate agreement
  • Invest $10 billion in renewable energy, establish the Australian Renewable Energy Agency, supports energy efficiency and start planning for a 100% renewable energy future
  • Help the most vulnerable Australians
  • Begin to close coal-fired power stations and prevent the building of new commercial coal-fired power stations
  • Begin to shift transport onto a cleaner base
  • Invest $1.7 billion in protecting bio-diversity and supporting farmers.

We have heard that the work our climate group – along with 60 other climate groups – did in surveying households about renewable energy (14,000 households surveyed in all) played a critical role in the negotiations.

Your voice is needed now more than ever to get us over the line.

Please spend five minutes doing one of the following:

  1. Send an email to or call your local Federal MP
  2. Call talk back radio/TV eg. Sunrise
  3. Write to a newspaper…

to tell them you welcome the action on climate.

Here’s how

John Alexander – Member for Bennelong ( Gladesville/ Ryde/ Epping/ Eastwood)
John.Alexander.MP@aph.gov.au or 9869 4288

Joe Hockey – Member for North Sydney (Gladesville East/ East Ryde/ Hunters Hill/ Lane Cove/ North Sydney)
J.Hockey.MP@aph.gov.au or 9929 9833

Suggested points to make:

  • You are really pleased to see this plan finalised and want it to be passed through Parliament without delay.
  • You don’t think that a sustainable future should continue to be a political football
  • You believe this plan will mean new jobs (including in regional areas) and investment.
  • You hope they will actively support these measures to see Australia move to a safe and sustainable future.

Consider ccing your email to the following:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard
Email: ‐ http://www.pm.gov.au/contact‐your‐pm

Tony Windsor MP (Independent)

Rob Oakeshott MP (Independent)


Northern District Times
editor@northerndistricttimes.com.au OR

Sydney Morning Herald
letters@smh.com.au OR

Sunrise Show on Channel 7

Mornings on 702 with Deb Cameron
1300 222 702

What else?

Watch the ACF’s 2 minute animated video that explains the carbon price and share it with your friends.

Read the plan in full or summary

We will be meeting with John Alexander this month to take our views on this to him and also the results of the over 200 surveys on climate action we conducted at local shops, Riverside Markets and door knocking in Gladesville in May.

We would love your feedback on this issue as usual. If you’d like to get more involved our next meeting is 8 August. Contact Jo on 0414 375 149.