April 07

Greetings and welcome to our second newsletter and the launch of the Ryde-Gladesville Climate Change Action Group website.

We plan to keep the newsletters short and to enable you to look for more information where you wish. Feedback is very welcome!

In this newsletter:

On overview of our aims in establishing a local climate change action group. The first is to make government aware of the strong desire in the community for immediate decisive action on climate change. Rather than making up our own requirements, we have assessed a range and adopted those of climatemovement.org – which brings together local Climate Change action groups around Australia.  What we are asking of our elected leaders  tells you more.

The second is to inform our community about actions you can take to reduce climate change. This month we feature making the move to green energy.

Tonight (Monday 30th April) on the ABC at 930pm, ‘Difference of Opinion’ features an expert panel, including Australian of the Year Tim Flannery, discussing climate change. How urgent is it? What impact will it have? What can we do to make big cuts to carbon emissions, without doing the same to the economy? Tune into the informed debate.

Is climate change real or just a beat up? Have a look here for the position of Australian Governments.

What does climate change mean for us?  Here’s a sample on temperature increase from CSIRO research.

There’s a lot of talk about the Kyoto Protocol. If you’re not sure just what it’s all about, here’s a an overview of the salient points on Kyoto.

And lastly – if you’re a supporter – well done for signing up! The more supporters we have the more effective we can be in getting across our message that decisive action is needed now. If you’re thinking about becoming a supporter – click here to learn all about what it means to be a supporter of a climate change action group.

If you don’t have access to our website please let us know and we will send you a softcopy of the newsletter.

In our next newsletter:

– What is the point of a local climate change action group when global warming is so… global?

– Win a copy of Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

If you’d like to be more involved, please email us at info@climatechangerg.org

And please pass this on to others!