April 13

Coal Seam Gas – Bennelong locks the gate

Ryde Gladesville Climate Group with other groups around the country took part in a day of action on 7 March posting a Call to Country on the door of Federal politicians. It called for a moratorium on Coal Seam Gas mining and protection of water and agricultural lands. Check out the photo of us at John Alexander’s office. We are still waiting for his reply.

Stern – Climate change is worse than expected

The economist Sir Nicholas Stern, who laid out the business case in Britain for combating climate change in 2006, suggests that his own review underestimated the risk from global warming.


Australia ranks 17th in G20 for carbon competitiveness

The move towards renewable energy investment is on, with important progress being made. The cost of not acting on climate change is posing real economic threats. Further fuel to the fire that we need further action now.


Business case for green buildings

The World Green Building Council has found big economic benefits from sustainable buildings. Green buildings can now be built at comparable cost to conventional buildings and the investment recouped through operational cost savings. www.worldgbc.org/activities/business-case/

Do you know how clean your electricity is?

This handy tool produced by UTS may raise some eyebrows about where your power is coming from http://cfsites1.uts.edu.au/isf/news-events/news-detail.cfm?ItemId=34175

NSW Government Environmental Scorecard

The Nature Conservation Council’s mid-term report card on the state government’s environmental record indicates a big F. On climate it has cut the solar bonus scheme, introduced restrictive wind farm guidelines and failed to present a credible plan for reducing the state’s carbon emissions. http://nccnsw.org.au/thescore

Ryde Council says NO to Green power – Take action

Council voted to discontinue purchase of Green Power at the Council Meeting on 26 March – Item 13 Procurement Process – Supply Of Electricity For Large Sites And Street Lighting, Small Sites And The Supply Of Gas To Large Sites Ryde http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/_Documents/Mtg-Council2013/gm0513_260313a+Part+2.pdf

To express your concern at this backwards step email cityofryde@ryde.nsw.gov.au

What’s On

Sustainable swimming pools workshop 1 May 6.30pm Chatswood, to book Lane Cove Council 9777 1000

Climate change and Social Change Conference – 11 May, Parramatta Town Hall


4 June – Bill McKibben’s “Do the maths tour” Seymour Centre, 6pm

The massive coal expansion planned by Australian companies and governments is one of a handful of projects in the world that would take the planet beyond the point of no return if they were to go ahead To volunteer or book: maths.350.org/australia

Save the date: 22nd-23rd June Climate Summit – Venue to be advised