May 13


We will be letter boxing the electorate of Bennelong over the next months asking people to vote climate in September. The Opposition’s promise to repeal the carbon tax is bad news. We are looking for 20 people to join us.  Contact us with subject heading Letterboxing or call Jo on 0414 375 149.

lots of good news!

China to launch carbon trading scheme in June

The world’s biggest producer of carbon dioxide (CO2) is set to launch seven pilot emissions trading schemes in cities and provinces from this year, covering at least 700 million tons of annual CO2 emissions.

Worlds first algae powered building

This Hamburg building is a pilot for sustainable energy production in urban areas. Its designers say buildings will transform over the next 50 years

Australia has now officially exceeded one million rooftop solar panel installations


Global clean energy investment has increased five-fold, from $50 billion a year to more than $250 billion

Even more reason for Australia to take the lead in renewables and the chance for us to revolutionize our manufacturing industry.

Now coming to YOUR roof

Sungevity Australia will provide you with a pay-as-you-go solar power system. You use less coal based electricity so your energy bill is less, helping offset the cost of the system, which you pay a bit for each month. If you missed out on our two solar purchase schemes, here is your chance. For a quote

What’s On

2013 Australian Climate Action Summit – 21-23 June Sydney Secondary College, Glebe

Join with climate activists to share experiences and knowledge to build an even stronger Climate Action Movement! Register.