August 2014 newsletter

Solar Street Results
Thanks for your responses to our last newsletter on which street in Ryde Gladesville has the most solar rooftops. So far the winner is Griffith St in West Ryde with 8 solar photo voltaic systems followed by Goulding Rd in North Ryde with 4. We think there may be a street with more out there. Email us your sightings to

Moocooboola Festival
Thanks to all the supporters who called by our stall to say hello and admire Pamela’s all electric solar charged Nissan Leaf which was on display as part of our stall. Welcome too to the 35 new supporters who signed up on Sunday. Lots of signatures to the RET petition, and solar citizens post cards signed, over 50 pots of seedlings painted and proudly taken home by enthusiastic small children… a great day.

10 Reasons to be Hopeful
Despite everything, there are reasons to be hopeful we will overcome climate change. For the article go to

China’s approach to climate change
We constantly hear from climate change nay-sayers that China is not doing enough to reduce its emissions. Read this article to see how things are changing


Lord Howe Island Goes Renewable
Lord Howe Island will go from a diesel to a renewable source of energy thanks to support from ARENA. For article go to:

India to double tax on coal
The Indian Government has announced it will double tax on coal to fund renewable energy projects. Find the article at

3D mapping tool for solar energy
The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) today announced a new free 3D modelling tool that will allow consumers to estimate the benefits of installing rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. For more info go to

The cost of doing nothing
The government is telling us that we can’t afford at this stage to do anything meaningful about climate change. A report from the US government says why that is untrue. Go to

Divestment Day
Want to let the major four Australian banks know that you don’t want them to continue to fund projects such as the Galilee Basin? Then you can register for taking action on 18 October by closing your account with them. For information on how to do that and more go to

Australian Solar Plant
A CSIRO test plant has broken a world record and proved solar power could effectively replace fossil fuels. For the article go to

Monster Climate Petition
The Victorian Women Trust has a petition that it would like to present to the Federal government for the G20 in November that shows Australians want action on climate change. Anyone can sign the petition. For details and to download the petition go to

Hunter Valley and its water
A report commissioned by Lock the Gate has revealed that coal miners in the Hunter Valley hold entitlements to 143 billion litres of water, 55% of all ‘high security’ water shares in the valley which means that farmers are struggling to get enough water for their crops. For the full report go to

Who won with the carbon price repeal?
The government’s repeal of the carbon price is only good for the fossil fuel industry and climate change deniers. For an interesting article go to:

How we grow food
The US Government and USDA have met to see how food can be grown to stem the effects of climate change on food production. For the article go to

Methane release in Arctic
Scientists has recently seen methane gas coming from the sea floor in the Arctic. Methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide and this discovery is very disturbing. For the full article go to

Is Tony Abbott really a conservative?
Tony Abbott claims he cares about the future and that he is a conservative. However, his inaction on climate change proves he is not. For a thoughtful article go to

Are you in?
Watch this video and see how many organisations in Australia are calling for you to join them to act on climate change because our government has failed us.

Lock the Gate
Drew Hutton, the founder of Lock the Gate, a group of farmers fighting to stop CSG and mining on their farms, was featured on ABC’s Australian Story on 4 August. A very worthwhile episode to watch. Go to

Australian Sustainable Seafood Guide
The Australian Marine Conservation Society has released its updated version of this guide which is available as an app, online or as a booklet. Go to their website to obtain a copy

Australian electricity sector
The Climate Council recently released a report that says our energy sector is ageing, inefficient, unprepared and requires urgent action. For the full report go to

Wise words
Jane Goodall, the world’s expert on chimpanzees and who has worked for over 4 decades on conservation issues, has said “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

What’s on
March in August
Come and join us on 31 August at 1pm at Hyde Park for a march to show you want action on climate change. We will be there with our banner. For more info go to
There will also be another march on 21 September. Keep tuned for details.

Sydney Water Supply
The Our Land Our Water Our Future campaign is having a public meeting on Saturday 30 August 2-4pm at St Andrews Greek Orthodox Hall 20 Wharf Rd, Gladesville to discuss the dangers to our water supply by coal and CSG. For details and RSVP go to or Phone 0421 011 182

Sustainable house day Sunday 7th and 14th September
Visit the one of three peak sustainable built houses in Kellyville, the Sustainability Hub in Chatswood, Resource 88 in Redfern or any of the dozen houses open in Sydney to see what’s new in retrofitting and building for reduced energy use and emissions.

Energy Efficient Lighting for Apartment Blocks Made Easy
Willoughby Council is running an information session on Thursday 18 September at 6.30pm. For details go to

Hike to help the Harbour
The Sydney Institute of Marine Science (SIMS) is a research facility that is working to protect Sydney Harbour. It is running a harbour hike from the city to Clifton Gardens on Father’s Day 7 September. For more information visit