August 2020 Newsletter


StopAdani  From 10 August, StopAdani is running a campaign called Stop the Money with the aim of putting pressure on two Korean investors who are considering refinancing Adani’s port. For information and how to participate go to

“Fund our Future not Gas”  The School Strike group will be hosting a webinar about the Federal government’s plan to fast-track gas mining to get the country out of the Covid-19 crisis. It will be held on 13 August 6-7.30pm.  To register go to

School Strike  The next School Strike will be held on 25 September.  For details of how you can participate go to

Webinar on PV “sun tax” The Australia Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is again considering charging the 2.5million households and businesses with rooftop solar for exporting their clean energy to the grid. Interestingly, this doesn’t apply to electricity generators using fossil fuels. Solar citizens is holding a webinar on 14 August 6-7pm. Sign the petition then register for the webinar at

Spring Garden Competition Ryde Council will be running its annual Spring Garden competition for residents in the Ryde Council area.  There are numerous categories including one for children.  Entries close 20 September. For information and entry


Made a submission to IPC objecting to Vickery mine extension


Australia’s major banks still investing in fossil fuels  Since 2016, the four major banks have invested in projects and companies that expand fossil fuels.  Send a message to the banks
Macquarie Bank is still supporting fossil fuel investment and has no plan to stop

Australia is the world’s biggest fossil fuel exporter  Nothing to be proud of. A report from UNSW highlights our irresponsible position.
Matt Canavan says there’s no subsidising of fossil fuels.  Here’s what ABC’s Fact Check says

Adani has a debt problem  Adani is looking to refinance its Abbott Point coal port. Sign this letter asking banks not to refinance.
The planned coal fired power station in India that will use coal from Carmichael mine is facing opposition from the locals

Ethical investing  Here’s a guide to how to do it and why it’s a good thing

Student suing federal government  A law student is suing the federal government because it didn’t disclose the risk to “safe” investments because of climate change.

Coal Have look where our energy comes from in NSW
Coal generation in Australia declining
Coal plants are closing around the world
Australia second worst in the world for climate action

Gas Why mining gas is bad for the climate and economy
The secrecy of the government’s push for a gas-led recovery is concerning
Ring the PM’s office and voice your opposition to gas  and/or sign this petition
and/or this petition

Biogas Using food waste to produce energy

BZE Million jobs plan  BZE launched its plan at the end of June. Very comprehensive and achievable. Have a look at what it involves.

Is your super at risk? Super funds need to move away from investing in fossil fuels.
Which Super funds don’t stack up.

How nature can protect us from climate change Here’s six ways nature can help us.
Rock dust on croplands could drawdown atmospheric carbon

It’s time to get emotional about climate change Here’s how.
Misguided ideology needs to be dropped if we’re to address climate change

Electric vehicles Following a survey last year, Ryde Council has bought two electric vehicles and is deciding where public EV charging stations will be installed.
NSW government considering electric car usage tax – a great way to discourage the uptake of electric vehicles
ACT to trial electric cars to help stabilize power grid
Electric cars are on the rise
Electric buses
How to put more electric vehicles on Australian roads – a video

Clean air Sign this letter asking  Matt Kean (NSW environment minister) to implement a Clean Air Plan (already three years overdue)