September 2020 Newsletter


School Strike  The next School Strike will be held on 25 September.  For details of how you can participate go to

ABC Environment series  The ABC is running a series until November called Your Planet.  It includes documentaries and the next series of War on Waste.  For more info go to

Speak up for Climate Justice  The federal government is hell-bent on gas for a Covid-19 recovery.  In September AYCC and Seed are asking you to talk to friends, family and acquaintances about this. For information


Made a submission to IPC objecting to Narrabri Gas Project

We had a Zoom meeting with John Alexander. His main interest is in hydrogen and its use as an energy source particularly in mass transport such a fast trains.  We emphasised that it would have to be sourced from renewable energy and not fossil fuels.
We expressed our deep concern about the NCCC and its lack of transparency and accountability to the Australian public. In the meeting we highlighted the environmental damage done with the mining of gas as well as the world-wide glut of gas; the decrease demand for gas and the low employment possibilities in its extraction.
We also expressed our concern the federal government was relying solely on gas as the way for the economy to recover from  COVID-19 and mentioned industry and insurance companies as well as BZE were calling for a recovery that concentrated on renewable energy, building, manufacturing, training, recycling, and landuse which would provide more long-lasting employment.
We also raised our concerns about the reduction of ARENA funding.
He once again said that the economy could not be compromised in moving to renewables too quickly so there was still no sense of urgency for action on climate change. However he did admit we had to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
We later sent him links to BZE’s report, articles on the negatives on gas and the Australian Energy Market Commissions proposal to charge PV owners for their energy output to the grid.
We also encouraged him to join the Parliamentary Friends of Climate Change, Parliamentary Friends of Bushfire Recovery and to support Zali Steggall’s Climate Change Bill. He said he was happy for us to send him information about climate change and what needs to be done.
Overall, it was a positive meeting.


EPBC The federal government is pushing through Environmental Laws that will be weaker than what we have now.  Sign the letter asking senators not to support it.

NCCC pushing gas  Nev Powers, who heads the NCCC, says renewables are not part of the Covid-19 recovery.
Why a gas recovery is no good – Podcast
Gas increasingly a stranded asset for Australia

Covid-19 recovery  Australian business chiefs wants government to invest sustainably for Covid-19 recovery
Australian Climate Roundtable has members from industry and climate groups calling for action on climate change.

PwC  Sign the petition calling on PwC (Price Waterhouse Coopers, an accountancy firm) to cut its ties with Minerals Council

Carbon pricing – it works!! This study shows why.

NSW  The NSW government is interested in funding four battery projects
AGL planning grid-scale batteries to replace Liddell power station

Adani The people in Godda, India, where Adani wants to build a power station using coal from the Carmichael mine, are fighting.  Watch the video then sign the petition.
Could Adani drop Carmichael and move to NSW?

Transitioning to renewables There is a misconeption this will lead to economic disaster.

Clean Jobs Plan The Climate Council has put together a plan that looks to the jobs not just in the renewable energy sector.  Read and then forward to your state MP asking they adopt it.

Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative This is a group of industry heavyweights looking to reduce their carbon emissions.

Australia needs to do more The Glasgow COP has been postponed till next year but pressure is on Australia to do more to deal with emissions.

Coal It’s decreasing in value. Glencore is suspending its Hunter Valley mines   BHP’s coal assets worth less  Peabody writes down its coal mines
Whitehaven’s Vickery Mine gets approval  by IPC  And its profits have slumped
Coal-generated electricity down in Australia to lowest levels since 1998

BHP  The mining giant wants powerful lobby groups to stop backing projects that support fossil fuels
and no longer supports the Federal government’s use of carry-over credits
But has repeatedly applied for and been granted approval to increase its emissions under a federal goverment policy that promised to limit carbon pollution from big industry.


Repair Cafe  Unfortunately due to Covid-19 the Repair Cafe remains closed.  However, if you have something you want repaired you can contact them for advice on how to do the repair yourself.  Send details of the broken item and a photo to