August 2023 Newsletter

As at 23 July 2023 CO2 reading was 419.4 parts per million. Source NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  Safe level is 350 parts per million

SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED UK-based Lloyds of London insurance company Probitas 1492 will no longer insure Carmichael Mine – it had been funding the mine and rail line; NAB and other big Australian banks will not refinance their loans to Whitehaven Coal; Nature Repair Market Bill has been indefinitely delayed (see more details below) following Senate inquiry

We are now in the era of global boiling with July probably being the hottest month in 120,000 years
The Gulf Stream could collapse by 2025
Antarctic sea ice levels have fallen (and not recovered)

Fracking in NT an on-line Town Hall meeting will be held on 2 August that will discuss fracking projects in NT and what you can do to help stop them. Book by going to

Moocooboola will be held on 6 August at Boronia Oval, corner Park and Ryde Roads, Hunters Hill 10am-4pm. We’ll be there so come and see us and send a postcard to a politician asking for action on climate change. is organising a Zoom meeting on 10 August on the campaign to stop CommBank lending to fossil fuels. To RSVP go to–vpzkuEtC00tCu3PST2oObzx5WOHEL

Rally to save forests nationwide will be held on 12 August 1pm – 2pm at Addi Road Gumbramorra Hall, Addison Road, Marrickville.

Getting off gas Renew is holding a number of free webinars on how households can do this.  For information and to book go to

Useful website with links to issues relating to climate change.

Podcast on why we can’t face the reality of global warming.

Offshore mining sign the letter asking federal resources and climate change ministers to stop offshore acreage releases.

Seismic blasting in Southern Ocean is proposed between Victoria and Tasmania, which will have devastating effects on marine life. Fill in the easy submission form opposing it.

COP28 and why fossil fuel companies shouldn’t be involved in developing climate policies.

Australian governments continue to fail on climate change action
Queensland government is considering Clive Palmer’s application to open a new coal fired power station. Sign the letter asking it not be approved.
NSW government is considering applications for three coal mine expansions in Mudgee area. Sign the letter to Chris Minns asking they not be approved.
NSW government is allowing logging in the proposed Great Koala National Park. Use this easy form to write to Chris Minns asking for logging to stop immediately.
NSW government has not taken up the federal government’s offer to help subsidise installation of PV. Sign the letter asking it do so, like Queensland has.
WA government has approved 50 year extension to Woodside gas project
Federal government rejected a plan proposed by previous NSW Liberal government to cease logging in native forests
Federal government is paying consultancy giant KPMG to help shape its national health and climate strategy, raising concerns about the firm’s work with the fossil fuel industry.

Murray-Darling Basin Plan lagging behind in its scheduled targets.
Write to Federal and NSW environment ministers using this easy form asking for immediate action
Watch this video on why buy backs are vital. Read this article on how 140 species could be saved if the plan is implemented properly

When will politicians really act on climate change? No time soon based on recent decisions. Read this troubling article by a leading Australian scientist who worked on the most recent IPCC report.

Coal mine tracker This lists all the coal mines waiting for approval in Australia and what their emissions will be. It is a rather terrifying list.
Sign the letter asking Tanya Plibersek to stop approving new coal mines

What will El Niño mean for Australia, particularly in terms of fire management? Our current methods are failing us.

Tanya Plibersek’s Nature Repair Market is oh so wrong for so many reasons. Private companies should not be doing the government’s job to protect the environment and habitats.

Marine Engineering what is it, can it damage the environment and why has the government introduced legislation to make it happen?

Santos watch this documentary about Traditional owners and their fight with Santos’ Narrabri and Barossa gas projects.
Santos’ retired gas wells are leaking

Australia joining the G7 climate club Will we have real action on climate change or is it just more marketing spin?

Dumping carbon emissions the government’s plan to allow fossil fuel companies to dump their carbon dioxide overseas is not a good one.

Climate change and our ability to produce crops Australia will be vulnerable.

Using the wind to pull cargo ships A French company shows how shipping companies can reduce their carbon emissions by an average of 20%.

Renewable Energy for Australia’s First Nations people and what we can learn from overseas.

Transmission lines are they the only way to transmit energy? Or could batteries and virtual storage be used as well?

Rooftop PV installations in Australia still breaking records.

Offshore wind farm zone has been announced by federal government.

Renewables and Critical Minerals watch this video of Webinar held by Smart Energy Council in May 2023.

Building industry produces 18% of our emissions and 40% of our landfill.

Reusing rubber in roads a number of councils are trialling this.

Large polluting cars like SUVs and utes. There has been an 80% increase in the sale of them leading to a call for an advertising ban on them.

Termites masters of sustainable air conditioning in their mounds.

Synthetic turf playing fields not good for the environment and not suitable for Australia

International shipping has set higher emissions reduction targets. Have a look at the real-time map showing the extent of international shipping.

(Not) sustainable salmon and trout farms in Tasmania. There are international calls for the sustainability certifications to be revoked.

Used EVs  – a way to purchase an EV
EV sales were 9.4% in June. Plug-in hybrids no longer dominant.