September 2023 Newsletter

As at 22 August 2023 CO2 reading was 419.6 parts per million. Source: NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Safe level is 350 parts per million

SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED Victorian government bans gas in new housing from beginning of next year (sadly NSW won’t follow – apparently it’s too complicated); deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon fell by 60% in July compared to the same month last year; a quarter of Queensland’s energy comes from renewables (then why is it approving more CSG mining?); EU Nature Restoration Law aimed at repairing all of Europe’s currently degraded nature by 2050; City of Sydney Council voted in support of banning gas connections to new homes and businesses across the council area

British prime minister has granted more than 100 new oil and gas drilling licences for the North Sea
Federal Labor has rejected call for a national ban on native forest logging at national conference – forestry union official Michael O’Connor said the “greatest danger” to habitat is fire, ignoring completely the unfettered fossil fuel mining and deforestation currently being carried and the pleas from LEAN (Labor Environment Action Network) to support the ban.
The Victorian and NSW governments have moved to extend the lives of coal-fired power plants, with potential for taxpayers to foot the bill to keep these inefficient, ageing fossil fuel facilities running. This breaks NSW Labor election promise to move to renewables and makes it difficult for the state to achieve its emissions targets.

We had a successful day at Moocooboola. Only two climate change deniers felt they should lecture us about the non-existence of climate change.  We had 67 people sign letters to Jerome Laxale asking federal Labor to stop new fossil fuel projects. Thank you to those people who wrote.

No offshore fossil mining in NSW?  Sign the petition supporting a legislated ban on offshore fossil fuel mining in NSW. Closing date 31 August. Go to

Anti CSG rally will be held on Thursday 14 September starting at 11.30am. Meet at Customs House Circular Quay for a march to Parliament House. Bring signs, friends and family. Rally is concentrating on Pilliga and Narrabri CSG projects. Many groups including environmental groups will be participating. This is a really important event to attend. We will be there so look for our banner.

Sustainable Futures Day will be held on 30 September 10am-4pm at St Ives Village Green. To see what’s on, go to

Wildlife rescue WIRES is running courses where you can learn how to rescue injured native wildlife.

Saving Kosciuszko Sign this petition asking for cull of feral animals in this unique national park.
Sign this additional petition asking for humane cull of wild horses in the park.

Woodside wants to sponsor the West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Sign the petition asking the orchestra not to proceed.
The decision to allow Woodside to carry out seismic blasting for its Scarborough project is being challenged in court.

Protecting Lake Eyre Basin The Queensland government is looking for submissions on what happens in this important area. Make a submission calling for no mining – it will take a couple of minutes to do.

MMG tailings dam in Tarkine Make a submission (all the information you need is in the email) asking Tanya Plibersek to not allow this to go ahead in this pristine forest in Tasmania.

Fracking in WA Make a submission using the form asking the WA government not to allow fracking.

Protect Heard and McDonald Islands Marine Park Sign the petition asking for protection of this important marine park.

Most of the world’s major fossil fuel companies are yet to make significant reductions in their carbon emissions. This includes Whitehaven Coal, Santos and Woodside, three companies whose mining the federal government continues to support

Small Pacific islands  are seeking legal opinion as to whether the law of the sea could apply to the effect of climate change on them.

It’s hard to get off the gas for those who want to.
Impacts of moving off gas to all electric

How to electrify your home Solar Citizens has done the research for you with a list of providers for home battery, electric car, green investments and other things to help you make the switch.

Federal Government
Federal government struggling to justify its support for gas mining
Middle Arm project is absolutely not sustainable
Antarctic research funding cut at a time when sea ice there is thinning Action is needed to avoid catastrophic damage. The Senate will investigate the budget cut.
Great Barrier Reef – still in a dire situation despite Plibersek’s recent upbeat announcement
Deep sea carbon storage a lazy and ineffective solution
$65 billion a year – that’s how much the federal government subsidises the fossil fuel industry

Duty of care David Pocock has introduced this bill to make the government responsible for the impact on future generations of fossil fuel projects.

Rated last in the country for combatting deforestation.
Consultancy group EY was conducting work for Santos while also advising the NSW government on plans to greenlight Santos’ Narrabri development.
Sydney water quality under threat due to climate change

Government approved proposal by Blue Energy to drill 530 gas wells over three lease areas of koala habitat in Central Queensland. This decision has now been taken to court by Environmental Defenders Office. If you would like to support them, you can donate by going to
Deforestation in Queensland – one of the top locations in the world.

Murray Darling is in a dire situation. Is this what is needed to fix it?
Menindee expecting mass fish kill this coming summer
The plan’s timeline to recover 450 gigalitres of water earmarked for the environment has been pushed out until the end of 2027 and water infrastructure projects until the end of 2026, after the initial June 2024 target was on track to be missed.  Of the 450 gigalitres promised for the environment, a $1.8bn voluntary water efficiency scheme has delivered just 30 gigalitres to date.

Climate litigation is on the rise worldwide and Australia is at the forefront.
Australian Parents for Climate Action is taking EnergyAustralia to court for misleading climate claims. Sign the letter asking all energy companies to stop their greenwashing.

GE (General Electric) is doing a bit of greenwashing as it plans for LNG power plants in Bangladesh. Sign the letter to the CEO asking not to proceed.

UAE is hosting the next COP conference but there is no desire on the country’s part to reduce its fossil fuel mining. Should it really be allowed to host this event?

Carbon tax maybe it’s time to bring it back for both environmental and economic reasons.

Coal mine methane leakages Thirty-five sites in NSW and Queensland are leaking methane. Footage shows it occuring.

Australia – the future energy “superpower”? Maybe not.

Large-scale renewable energy projects in NSW are facing a planning blockade. The problem is a national one

Electrifying councils Chris Minns may not be keen but councils can be instrumental in getting households to be fully electric. The ACT and Victoria as well as Waverley and Parramatta Councils have recently banned gas from new homes, while Sydney Council is moving towards all-electric, gas-free new homes and businesses. Sign the petition asking all councils to require the same

Haystacks Solar Garden will enable people without a sunny roof have access to the many benefits of rooftop solar. To find out more go to

Home battery is it worth it?

Australia – the plastic capital of the world Cutting consumption would be more effective than recycling to reduce the emissions from plastic.

Alumina refining is a carbon intensive industry.  This trial backed by ARENA may help make it more sustainable and cut its carbon emissions.

Wastewater facilities could also be used to process organic waste.

Building energy efficient homes Read this report by BZE (Beyond Zero Emissions) on how this could be done.

Biosolar roof a combination of PV and a green roof. Is this the way to go?

Recharging stations A better network is needed.