December 2022 Newsletter

Dear Supporters

This is our last newsletter for the year.  There is a chance next year will see more substantial action on climate change – it is up to us to remind politicians that’s what we want, particularly with a NSW state election in early 2023.  So we encourage you to continue writing letters, signing petitions, attending rallies and talking about climate change.

We wish you all the best for the festive season.  If you are thinking of giving a gift of the environmental kind, we direct you to our website.  This lists a range of environmental organisations working towards a 100% renewables and protection of our native fauna and flora.

SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED All large car parks in France will be covered by solar panels in the next five years; NSW government’s bill that would have seen more koala habitat destroyed has been withdrawn; there’s a new climate change aware board at AGL;  it has been proposed NSW’s 2,200 state schools have solar and batteries installed; federal government will prioritise fully electric cars for tax cuts over hybrids and Commonwealth fleet will be electrified; Queensland court has said Clive Palmer-owned Galilee Basin coal project should not go ahead because of its contribution to climate change, its environmental impacts, and because it would erode human rights.

Wrote to Ryde Council councillors for the council’s 22 November meeting to support two proposals – one for a ban on fossil fuel advertising on council property and infrastructure and the other for council to change to electric (battery-powered) power tools used in green areas management.

Container deposit scheme expansion  The NSW government wants to know your thoughts on this. Have a look at what Boomerang Alliance says  and then do the survey.  Closing date 2 December


COP27 A drop of hope in an ocean of despair. The conference was sponsored by Coca-Cola and attended by representatives from fossil fuel companies.
Australia’s policies don’t match our talk at COP27.
Australia did not sign up to end international public subsidies for fossil fuels
Was anything meaningful actually achieved?

Hydrogen production in Australia  will it really need 25% of Australia’s land surface for this to happen? No. Matt Canavan’s claim is wrong.

Market-based sustainability standards  and how they can help save the planet

Carbon credits and forest regeneration  a lot of money paid out and a poor outcome.

Australia is not energy efficient. Can this change?

Renewable energy storage. Sign the petition asking energy ministers to support a Renewable Energy Storage Target (REST).

Climate activists and attacks on art.  This is not a new phenomenon to draw the public’s attention to important issues.

Guatam Adani A billionaire whose company’s carbon footprint is almost the worst in the world.

Carbon emissions on the rise and the opportunity to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees is fast disappearing, especially for Australia.

Water trading and the Murray Darling  federal government to have ACCC oversee reform of water trading.
Sign the petition asking the NSW water minister to “get with the plan”
A viticulturist accused of illegally taking water from Darling River over a 4 year period.

How the government supports greenwashing
What Australia can learn from the UN’s report.
Is Australian coal really clean?

Australia federal government  continues to support more fossil fuel projects.

Great Barrier Reef latest UN report says it should be put on the “in danger” list. But will the federal government do anything meaningful to save it?

Urban planning  what needs to be done for cities to survive climate change

Gas and oil income  will double to over $5.9 trillion this year according to World Energy Outlook 2022, International Energy Agency, October 2022. Watch this video and share.

How does citizen science work?  Here’s how school children (and adults) can help our scientists.

Australian professor awarded 
for his work on silicon solar cell technology.

Gravity storage what is it and how does it work?

Sand battery now being used in Finland.

Australia to sign up to end global plastic pollution by 2040.

Collapse of plastic recycling  shows how little the federal government is currently doing to improve our rate of plastic recycling
Australians are keen to recycle but there’s no real transparency
Plastic recycling system is broken
Major supermarkets to “step up” after Redcycle’s collapse

More EV models are coming to Australia for under $45,000.