November 2022 Newsletter

SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED Gina Rinehart dropped sponsorship of netball; Victorian government announced protection areas of forest habitat of the greater glider possum; more than a dozen global investors are suing Glencore in London’s High court prompted by the company’s conviction of bribery earlier in the year; the EDO and Knitting Nanas have filed a legal challenge to the NSW government’s draconian anti-protest laws; Santos has pulled out of its sponsorship of the Darwin Festival; The NSW Independent Planning Commission rejected Glencore’s Glendell coal mine expansion; The Science Schools Foundation, which runs the Santos Science Experience will not have Santos as its sponsor; Brazil’s supreme court ruled for the reactivation of the Amazon Fund, a major weapon in the country’s fight against deforestation

NAB protest on 11 November starting  8.30 – 10am outside NAB’s head office at 2 Carrington Street, Sydney.

Rally COP 27 Protest will be held on 12 November at 12noon at Sydney Town Hall.   It is being organised by School Strike 4 Climate with 13 supporting environmental groups. Let’s make it big and show we want more action and less talk on climate change.

End of year get together Come and join us on 5 December from 6pm at the Sawdust Hotel 386 Victoria Road, Gladesville to celebrate the good things that have happened this year.  Parking available at the rear of the hotel.

Fossil fuel advertising in sport Sports men and women as well as fans are calling for the end of fossil fuel companies sponsoring sports. Sign the petition to the federal sports minister.

Good things the federal government has done
Methane emissions The federal government has confirmed Australia will sign up to a global pledge to reduce methane emissions by 30% by 2030 (something the Coalition refused to do). What does this mean? Hint: It’s not the end of the barbeque.
Cutting funding of gas programs  from the recent budget up to $1b. Send a note to your local MP saying this is a good start –  now, how about cutting all fossil fuel subsidies?
Scrapped electricity underwriting scheme (Coalition scheme) which critics had warned could cost billions to prop up fossil fuels and would push up power prices
Restored funding to environmental community legal centres
Lots of good things in the budget (but still a long way to go)
Impact of fossil fuel projects to be considered in approvals

Climate Clever is a community carbon reduction platform that allows households and businesses to measure and manage their carbon footprint. To learn more go to

Carbon tariffs  Could Australia adopt this policy?

Hunter Valley  no longer loyal to coal.

Cotton should we continue to grow this water-thirsty crop?

Murray Darling River system excessive water extractions the cause of the Darling River drying

Rewiring the nation.  Federal and Victorian governments will jointly fund projects to fast track renewable energy zones.

Victoria’s bold new plan  Victorian government has announced a 95% renewable energy target.  What does this mean?

Governments still getting it wrong
Queensland government  approving more coking coal mining despite its renewable energy greenwashing  It has approved the expansion of the Acland mine
Federal government has announced a massive $1.5 billion fossil fuel subsidy for a huge Middle Arm petrochemical plant to use fracked gas from the Beetaloo – and this after it pledged no new funding for fossil fuels. Sign the letter asking this money not be given.
NSW government still supporting fossil fuels. Sign the petition asking for a halt to all fossil fuel mining.

Fossil fuel companies and investors still doing bad things
Peabody’s Metropolitan mine has had its third waste water spill this year into the Royal National Park
TIAA and its subsidiary Nuveen manage the retirement funds for millions of teachers, academics, researchers, health professionals, and non-profit workers and continue to invest in fossil fuel projects and, as a major investor in land, is responsible for large-scale deforestation.
Whitehaven Coal is looking for banks to continue funding its activities. Sign the letter asking banks not do so.
Shell is being called to account for its greenwashing

Move Beyond Coal is a new group focusing on weaning Australia off coal – its use and mining.  To find out more about their aims and what you can do to be involved go to

BZE recently launched Deploy, its vision for how Australia can move to a cleaner future. You can watch the video of their recent webinar at

CSG wells are leaking in Queensland which raises concerns about water quality.

Recycling solar panels
Australian research finds a cost effective way of recycling these.

Farmers and renewable energy Farmers in regional areas are embracing renewable energy. Read the report co-authored by RE-Alliance and Farmers for Climate Action

Australia and offshore wind farms  A fantastic step forward for renewables but effects on marine animals must be considered.

Rooftop solar trumps fossil fuels  On 28 October, renewables contributed over 66% of electricity to the grid, beating previous month’s record.

Repair Cafe is open  the first two Sundays of the month. Next one is November 13 from 2-4pm. Address is 180 Longueville Road, Lane Cove. There is no charge but donations are welcomed. Please wear a mask.  For more information go to

Using waste material for building products Researchers at Flinders University are working on sustainable alternatives.

National commitment to circular economy  Environment Ministers have committed to work with the private sector to design out waste and pollution, keep materials in use and foster strong end markets to achieve a circular economy by 2030.

3D printed homes  A new way to build in remote and rural locations?

How to build a circular system  for the built environment.

Venezuela Affordable electric vehicles are being made from golf buggies

Converting cars to EVs A joint UK- Australian group is doing that for high-end vehicles like Porsches and Land Rovers.