June 2021 Newsletter

Some good things have happened: Victorian government to cut emissions by 50% by 2030: Apple’s manufacturing plants to be powered by 100% renewables; France to ban building or expansion of airports: Amsterdam to ban ads on metro for fossil fuel products including cheap flights and petrol cars; Rio Tinto shareholders have revolted over payouts to former executives who quit after the company destroyed the Juukan Gorge rock shelters; Germany aiming to become greenhouse gas neutral by 2045 rather than 2050; Liberty Mutual backing away from coal mine proposal for the Baralaba South in Central Queensland;Britain to treble tree planting by 2024;ANU commits to reducing carbon emissions to below zero by 2030; A court in the Hague has ordered Royal Dutch Shell to cut its global carbon emissions by 45% by the end of 2030;  Exxon’s board now has two environmental activists; over 60% of Chevron’s shareholders voted in favour of stricter emissions targets;City of Sydney to bring net-zero carbon emissions target forward to 2035


#StopAdani Roadshow and Beyond Blackrock, the world’s largest investment  company is also Adani’s largest financial backer. If you want to be involved in this new campaign, there will be a workshop on 5 June  3pm-4:45pm at Sydney Town Hall – Lower Town Hall, 483 George St, Sydney. Buy tickets at


Wrote to John Alexander voicing our strong opposition to the government’s decision to spend $600 million on the Kurri Kurri gas plant

Signed Boomerang Alliance’s letter to NSW Environment minister asking that NSW implements a ban on single use plastics

Wrote a submission opposing AEMC’s proposal that households with PV be taxed for the electricity they export

Wrote objecting to proposed fracking by Empire Energy in NT

Wrote objecting to residential tower to be built over Eden Garden site

Attended School Strike 21 May


Teenagers’ landmark win in court This is an important win and holds the federal environment minister responsible for protecting young people from climate change. https://theconversation.com/in-a-landmark-judgment-the-federal-court-found-the-environment-minister-has-a-duty-of-care-to-young-people-161650

Adani The big news is that ACF won a court case against Adani which means Adani’s water plans will now be subject to a full and rigorous assessment, including allowing time for scientific expert opinion and public consultation.
BMD Adani’s main contractor building the Carmichael coal rail line has not been able to find insurance
Jobs numbers promised are a fiction https://www.thebigsmoke.com.au/2021/05/17/this-is-what-the-adani-mine-is-really-delivering/
Once again has breached environmental conditions https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/16/adani-admits-breaching-environmental-conditions-for-carmichael-coalmine
Rail line has caused environmental damage https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-19/adani-sediment-report-bravus-waterways-queensland/100148086

Government and climate change  The Prime Minister says we’re doing well. Is that really true? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/24/scott-morrisons-claim-australias-greenhouse-gas-emissions-are-falling-does-not-stack-up
The USA’s planned carbon tariff could have serious repercussions for Australia
The Federal government’s $10b reinsurance pool will leave the government wide open for unexpected cost blowouts as climate change catastrophes increase
The Federal government has REANNOUNCED a National Recovery and Resilience Agency (NRRA) but hasn’t spent the $4B disaster fund announced in the Budget two years ago.
It will take 200 years for Australia to reach our carbon emissions target at the current rate https://reneweconomy.com.au/video-can-australia-meet-its-climate-goals-not-at-this-rate/
The government has spent 16c in every $100 on climate crisis https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/10/coalition-government-spent-just-16-cents-on-climate-crisis-out-of-every-100-analysis-shows

Clive Palmer’s mine  should not proceed according to Queensland Department of Environment and Science. Sign the letter asking Sussan Ley not to approve it. https://www.marineconservation.org.au/actions/federal-minister-reject-palmer-cqc-mine/

Electric trucks and swapable batteries  A trial for electric trucks travelling between Sydney and Brisbane to start.https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2021/apr/29/swap-and-go-electric-trucks-to-run-between-sydney-and-brisbane-using-exchangeable-batteries

Carbon neutral shipping  The shipping industry could become carbon neutral.  Here’s how. https://www.fastcompany.com/90633254/how-the-shipping-industry-can-go-from-global-polluter-to-carbon-neutral

Airships to make a return?  Airships for city hops could help reduce carbon emissions. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/may/26/airships-for-city-hops-could-cut-flyings-co2-emissions-by-90

Moving urgently away from fossil fuels
The Callide power station, which “exploded” in Queensland a week ago, is new, having been commissioned in 2001. The Queensland government is now adding more battery storage to the network https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-27/qld-renewable-energy-coal-fired-callide-power-station/100166152
Coal’s demise requires energy market reforms  https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/fastest-change-in-the-world-coal-s-demise-sparks-call-for-energy-market-reforms-20210429-p57nhc.html  Company directors get it (but not the government, nor, apparently, the majority of candidates in the Hunter by-election) https://www.heraldsun.com.au/business/aicd-survey-climate-the-biggest-issue-for-directors/news-story/040cef124e55833fa15f1f8573967d9e
In the meantime the federal government will spend up to $2.3bn over a decade to support fuel refineries but still refuses to have an EV policy.
It will mean petrol prices will rise and make Australia more vulnerable if there are threats to supply https://thenewdaily.com.au/finance/finance-news/2021/05/17/petrol-prices-oil-subsidies/
Coal and gas use for power generation plummets
G7 agrees to stop funding coal projects https://www.sbs.com.au/news/australia-accused-of-being-out-of-step-on-climate-as-g7-agrees-to-stop-international-funding-for-coal

World’s worst banks  JPMorgans Bank is the biggest bankroller of fossil fuel projects. Sign the petition asking them to move away from these investments https://act.ran.org/page/29353/action/1  Then read about the banks that are the worst in greenwashing https://thefinanser.com/2021/05/greenwashing-the-system-which-banks-are-worst.html/
Ranking Australia’s banks. See how the big four are still supporting fossil fuel projects. https://www.acf.org.au/bank_rank   And then write to your bank asking them to stop. https://www.acf.org.au/email_banks_gas  Write separately to NAB https://act.350.org/sign/nab-petition/  Sign the letter asking banks not to fund Whitehaven’s Vickery mine https://www.marketforces.org.au/spotlight-on-big-banks-after-landmark-court-decision/

AGL – Australia’s biggest polluter.  Don’t believe their hype.  Read this report and share.https://www.australiasgreatestliability.com/

Is your energy provider taking climate change seriously?  https://theconversation.com/wondering-if-your-energy-company-takes-climate-change-seriously-a-new-report-reveals-the-answer-161360

Murray Darling River  A dying river system. Read why we should be angry and demand better from our governments. https://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/2021/april/1617195600/margaret-simons/river

Hunter Valley Coal mining companies have not set aside enough money to fill in their massive voids or maintain the vegetation required to restore the landscape once their mines come to the end of their lives. https://www.smh.com.au/environment/sustainability/hunter-coal-miners-don-t-have-enough-funds-for-land-rehabilitation-20210505-p57p4b.html

Gas Concerns about its use in households and effects on children’s health.
Methane Cutting its emissions would substantially slow down global warming https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/06/cut-methane-emissions-rapidly-fight-climate-disasters-un-report-greenhouse-gas-global-heating
Federal budget  to pledge another $58.6m to “gas-fired recovery”  measures
Australian Open  Santos wants to be the sponsor. Sign the petition opposing this.  https://act.350.org/sign/tell-australian-open-say-no-santos/
Fracking in NT Empire Energy wants to frack in NT. Sign the letter objecting to this proposal. https://lockthegate.good.do/cowboys/imperial/

Black summer bushfires New research shows native forest logging did not worsen bushfires https://theconversation.com/new-research-finds-native-forest-logging-did-not-worsen-the-black-summer-bushfires-160600

Healthy soils  and why it’s important https://theconversation.com/pay-dirt-200-million-plan-for-australias-degraded-soil-is-a-crucial-turning-point-160704

Bitcoin Why it’s bad for the environment https://theconversation.com/teslas-bitcoin-about-face-is-a-warning-for-cryptocurrencies-that-ignore-climate-change-160928

Yackandandah leads the way This township is heading for being powered just with renewables. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-05-24/community-battery-yackandandah-ausgrid-electricity-shakeup/100159460


Ryde Council Newsletter  Each month Ryde Council sends out a newsletter with information on events and how to live more sustainably. Use this link to subscribe to it. https://confirmsubscription.com/h/r/3762CEFC964BC022

Let’s get rid of single use plastics Sign the petition asking the NSW implement a ban on single use plastics.

Recycling Textiles An Australian startup working on a process to recycle textiles by turning worn-out fabric into raw materials says it has funding to build a world-first commercial-scale plant in Queensland. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/30/recycling-textile-waste-a-solution-exists-we-cant-go-backwards

What companies are the big plastic producers?  Read who they are. Australia is the biggest per capita single use plastic nation.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2021/may/18/twenty-firms-produce-55-of-worlds-plastic-waste-report-reveals

New plastic recycling labelling  A new labelling system has been introduced to help you recycle plastics https://recyclingnearyou.com.au/arl/