School Strike and Kurri Kurri decision

A reminder of the School Strike to be held tomorrow 12-3pm starting at Sydney Town Hall.  We will be attending so look for our banner.

Why do we strongly urge you to attend the School Strike whose theme is Fund our Future not Gas?

The federal government’s announcement to spend $600billion of OUR taxpayer money to establish a gas power plant at Kurri Kurri is a shameful decision that flies in the face of expert advice (Including the government’s own departments), recommendations from the International Energy Agency and scientists (except Alan Finkel, ex-Chief Scientist who supports gas) and plans by countries including USA, UK and the European Union to dramatically reduce their carbon emissions. Industry clearly sees no future in building gas power stations despite the government’s bullying attempts.

Here are some of the many reasons why this gas power plant should not go ahead.
1. Angus Taylor’s assertion that electricity costs will be lower is incorrect – gas is more expensive than renewables.
2. Angus Taylor’s assertion that it will reduce our carbon emissions is incorrect – gas is a fossil fuel. Methane released during its extraction is a more potent carbon emission than the carbon released when it is burned.
3. Angus Taylor’s assertion that it is required to fill in the gap for energy requirements when Liddell power station closes is incorrrect and his claimed difference is inflated. Windfarm projects and the NSW government’s solar farms will be more than sufficient to cover that gap.
4. The plant will be less than an hour’s drive from where an existing Commonwealth-owned gas plant uses less than 1% of its total capacity.
5. A major Liberal Party donor, Jeff McCloy, is set to benefit from the location of the gas plant.
6. The IEA has laid out very clearly there must be no new coal or gas projects if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change.
7. When built, it is expected to run only 2% of the time.
8. The money could be better spent on battery storage to counter the assertion that gas is needed when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow.
9. It will, in all probabilty, become a stranded asset.
10. The claimed number of jobs, like all these types of projects, is questionable.
11. The timing of this announcement is highly suspicious considering there is a by-election in the Hunter this weekend.
If you can’t attend the rally then we encourage you to contact your federal MP, particularly if they are an LNP member. Keep the comments civil but remind them that your vote in the upcoming election will be determined by which candidate is serious about acting on climate change. Remember, too, that an LNP politican will always vote with the party even if they have made comments contrary to the party’s position (such as Trent Zimmerman has done recently).

For those living in the Bennelong and North Sydney electorates, here are those MP’s contact details.
John Alexander: Email  Phone 9869 4288
Trent Zimmerman: Email  Phone: 9929 9822

If you would like to do more information on why this new gas plant is such an appalling decision, here are some articles to read and share:
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See you at the rally.