March 2015 newsletter

NSW State Election
We have put together a scorecard for the three major parties on the issues we think are the most important for the State election on 28 March. To see where the parties stand, go to

Going off the grid
In the not too distant future it will be possible to go off the grid if you live in the city. Read about it in Sanctuary, a magazine dedicated to building sustainable homes.

Britain to curb coal plants
The three major political parties in Britain have pledged to end power generation from coal plants that don’t use emissions-capturing technology and to push for a global climate deal. See

And the Mateship award goes to …
John Alexander (non-supporter of RET or renewable energy) got Tony Abbott (climate change denier) to give a Mateship award to John Booth (editor of TWT, named at ICAC and climate sceptic). For the full ridiculous story see

Fracking in the NT
And now there are licences to frack in the iconic areas of NT such as Arnhem Land and Kings Canyon! If you would like to support Lock Gate in its latest campaign go to

Gas executives admit not need for gas drilling
Former AGL chief has admitted there is no need for gas drilling in NSW – this from a company that has pressured NSW government into fast-tracking approvals for CSG projects in NSW. Read then forward to Anthony Roberts, and Mike Baird and ask them why then continue to support these projects.

Help protect RET
The Federal government is again trying to weaken the RET. Go to this link and send a letter asking that the RET be protected and strengthened.

NSW Government re-approves Warkworth Mine
Despite the local community winning two court cases against Rio Tinto’s plan for this mine, the NSW government has laid the way open to approve Rio Tinto’s plan for the mine. If you are outraged by the government’s failure, then sign the Bulga Declaration and share

Community survey in Mike Baird’s electorate
A petition was delivered to Mike Baird this week as a result of the community survey carried out in his electorate on Sunday 1 March. 96% of those surveyed said they wanted more to be done to protect our water, farms and forests from CSG and coal mining. For the full results go to

Call to end coal mining in 5 years
The NSW Greens have called for coal exports to finish in 5 years and to phase out existing coal mines. This is completely opposite to the NSW Government’s continuing approval of more coal and CSG projects. Full story

Frackman the movie
Dayne Pratzky’s movie shows what happens the CSG comes to a local community. For screening times go to

India builds world’s largest solar farm
India is about to start construction on a solar farm which will be inaugurated on 15 August 2016 and will be significantly larger than those in California.

Supertrawlers coming back
Senator Colbeck is welcoming a huge factory trawler to fish in Australian water despite ongoing concerns about the threat to our marine life, fisheries and local fishing. Write a letter to your Federal MP and senators to voice your concerns.

Boronia Park Development
The Hunters Hill Council is considering a proposal to extend facilities and parking at Boronia Park. This will severely impact the bushland and affect wildlife in the area, particularly the microbats that live nearby. Closing date for submissions is 27 March. For the link to for the letter which you can print, fill out and post, go to

BP and Great Australian Bight
BP wants to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight. Remember what happened when they were drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in USA April 2010? If you don’t want this to happen here go to Wilderness Society’s website

World Divestment Day
Here is a link to show what happened on World Divestment Day. and here’s what happened in Sydney

Home Battery
Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, the company that makes those fantastic 100% electric cars, has announced plans to develop a battery that could power homes. Have a look at


What’s on
Earth Hour
Earth Hour will be held on 28 March this year. For more information go to

National Parks Walks
National Parks runs walks in the Sydney area to give people an opportunity to enjoy bushwalking. For more information and to book go to