March 2023 Newsletter

New Santos gas project approved
You may not be aware that Tanya Plibersek quietly approved Santos’ project to develop 116-well coal seams in the Surat Basin in Queensland with an approximate 30 year operation life.  This approval will allow clearance around each well of up to 2.5 hectares of land leading to further habitat destruction and more species facing extinction. This gas is not for the local market but Korea and Malaysia. Santos donated over $500,000 to Labor since 2015.  It has donated a similar amount to the Coalition.

When Labor was voted into government we believed it understood the need for substantial and immediate action to reduce our carbon emissions and move rapidly to 100% renewables.  However, Labor has failed to live up to our expectations and is unwilling to listen to the science, Traditional Owners and the general public.  We deserve better.

There are a number of immediate concerns with current government policy:

We urge you to write to Tanya Plibersek  to respectfully voice your concerns about this project and the 114 new coal and gas projects awaiting approval.

We also encourage you to write to your Federal Labor MP.  For the Bennelong electorate write to Jerome Laxale. His email is

And now to other news …

As at 28 February January 2023 CO2 reading was 418.4 parts per million. Source NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).  Safe level is 350 parts per million

SOME GOOD THINGS HAVE HAPPENED 2023 could be good for action on climate change; Credit Suisse, Standard Charter and Citi have stopped accepting Adani bonds as collateral; Norway’s largest pension fund, KLP, has divested from Adani Green; Clive Palmer-owned Waratah Coal has withdrawn its appeal against last year’s ruling; Glencore has not lodged an appeal to the IPC’s rejection of its Glendell mine expansion; Bangladeshi Government assigning a committee to review the exploitative contract that forces Bangladesh to buy dirty coal power from Adani at exorbitant rates

Wrote to Tanya Plibersek asking for government to implement stronger policies on recycling plastic

Meet the Candidates The forum to meet the Ryde electorate candidates that was to be held on 18 March has been changed to 19 March at 11.30am.  It will still be held at the Environmental Education Centre in the Field of Mars, East Ryde

Meet the Lane Cove electorate Candidates If you couldn’t attend the Zoom meeting held by NCC last week here is a recording of the forum.

Household chemical cleanout  will be held on 25 March  9am-3.30pm at the Meadowbank Netball courts carpark, Adelaide Street, Meadowbank. For information on what you can take, go to

Small Birds Talk  will be held by the Habitat Network on 26 March 1-3pm at All Saints’ Church, Ambrose Street Hunters Hill. Hear about the importance of wildlife corridors and what you can do in your garden to encourage small birds.  To book go to  For more information contact Jacqui Vollmer at Hunters Hill Council on 0402 716 208

Smart Energy Event will be held on 3-4 May at the ICC in Sydney.  It is a free event but you will need to register.

Sustainable House Programme Register for a series of online workshops for new builders or those looking to renovate or improve home efficiency.

Rainforest carbon offsets 90% of the certifier Verra Carbon Standard’s offsets were worthless.

Donations to political parties and a lack of transparency is a concern when decisions about fossil fuel companies and mining need to be made by government. Two articles for you  and  Sign the petition asking for an end to dirty political donations

Murray Darling plan NSW government’s plan is failing to save this river system  Water buy-backs – the best way forward

Sign the letter asking Rugby Australia to drop Santos as a sponsor.
Santos is being sued by Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility (ACCR) because of the company’s claim that natural gas is a “clean” fuel and hydrogen made using it amounts to “zero emissions” was likely to mislead.

Federal government still not dealing decisively with climate change
$600m for gas companies for carbon capture, use and storage. Sign the letter opposing this waste of taxpayer money for an unproven technology
Sign the petition asking the government to ensure big polluters do their fair share in reducing climate pollution

Saving our native forests here’s two petitions for you to sign.  and

Adani sign the letter asking Adani’s investors to stop funding the company

Australian big emitters could cut emissions without using offsets.

Macquarie Island  sign the petition asking Tanya Plibersek to expand the protection of this Australian world heritage island

Hydrogen why it won’t save us

Home PV and how to maximise savings

Vanadium redox flow battery cheaper, safer and longer-lasting than lithium-ion cells. An Australian invention from 20 years ago.

Mismatch between ambition and reality Australia not adding green energy fast enough to meet targets.


Our plastic addiction  and how we can wean ourselves off it

Household energy savings upgrades The NSW government has an number of incentives to help save energy. For information go to

Better recycling. Here’s a guide to what the recycling symbols on packaging mean.

Car rego – should it be based on the car’s emissions?  ACT is trialling this proposal.

Did you buy an EV after 1 September 2021 for personal use? You may be eligible for a rebate by the NSW government. For information and how to apply go to