November 12

Climate Clever Shop

Want to know what to install by way of energy reduction measures but are overwhelmed? Six local councils in this area ( but not Ryde) have collaborated to create a web site which provides receive up-to-date information on products. You can also use an online booking service to receive three quotes directly from suppliers without having to make individual calls. Why isn’t Ryde part of this?

Electric cars on the rise

More than 1,270 electric drive vehicles are sold daily in the United States. Worldwide, the number of vehicles is expected to increase from 700 million to more than 2 billion by 2050, and the annual global market for advanced batteries could reach $100 billion by 2030.Read more:

Sustainable Practice

Visit this US website for ideas and information on sustainable practices and climate change

Hurricane Sandy

Just ripped up the East Coast of the USA. See this short clip explaining the link between severe climate events and emissions increases

Which electorates are the top solar installers?

Find out from the 100% Renewable campaign

1 Million Women – Recipe for Change afternoon tea – 3.30pm Saturday 17 November

Ryde Gladesville Climate Change Action Group will be getting together over a cup of tea hosting a get together to share ideas about simple and effective changes you can to save energy at Jo’s place @ Gladesville. Our ideas will be pooled to make the Recipe for Change book with those of other women around Australia. Please RSVP by Wed 14th November. For more

Saudi Arabia moving to transition to 100% renewable

Prince Turki Al Faisal Al Saud, a member of the Saudi Arabia royal family, told the Global Economic Symposium in Brazil that he hoped the country would make this transition entirely to clean energy in his lifetime (he’s 67). Though with his country mostly reliant on fossil fuels, he acknowledges that he might be a little ambitious. He does say that Saudi Arabia is investing in renewables, nuclear power, and other alternatives.

China exceeding its emissions targets

In contrast to the common view that China continues to pump out emissions, Professor Garnaut said China had exceeded its ambitious emissions targets, cutting coal-fired generation by more than 7 per cent in the past year. A rapid expansion in hydroelectricity, and wind, biomass, solar and nuclear power, had pushed down coal’s share of energy production from 85 to 73 per cent. Read more:

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