November 2020 Newsletter

There have been some positive events in the last month: China and Japan announcing net zero targets, wins for the Greens in New Zealand, Queensland and ACT elections, ANZ  to stop investing in thermal coal, REST super fund committing to net zero emission investments.


StopAdani Will be showing onlilne a new film called “People Power v Adani – The Fight of our TImes” on Thursday 19 November 6.30-7.30pm AEST. It documents the 10 year battle to stop this mine. Funds raised will go to Wangan and Jagalingou people’s Defence of Country Fund. For bookings go to

Our next meeting will be held on 7 December at 7pm.  If you would like to attend, please contact Jo on 0414 375 149


Made a submission to Ryde Council regarding the Plan of Management for the Field of Mars.

Made a submission to Ryde Council regarding AMP Capital’s development proposal for Macquarie Shopping Centre

Signed a petition to federal government calling for a Clean Recovery out of Covid


Hunter Renewal This is spearheaded by Lock the Gate to help the Hunter area transition away from coal.  Show your support by signing

Community Renewable Energy projects There are a number of initiatives where you can support or invest in renewable energy projects. They include:
Local Power Plan Helen Haines, member for Indie, has launched this initiative which looks to establish 50 hubs in regional centres to support local community groups to develop their own renewable energy projects.  Then sign the petition asking AngusTaylor to support it
Goulburn Community Energy Cooperative You have the opportunity to invest in this solar farm project. For details go to

Adani  Adani has rebranded itself as Bravus Mining and Resources. It is important to continue referring to them as Adani and not the new name.
In the meantime, GE is planning to build a coal-fired power station in Godda using coal from the Carmichael mine. Sign the letter asking them to abandon this project.
Two teenagers are taking Adani to court

Australia must tackle climate change Report by Deloitte Access Economics paints a bleak economic future if we don’t.
EU may impose carbon border taxes on Australian imports. This article
and this explain why

Exxon losing its status  Exxon  is no longer the largest company in the world.  It has been overtaken by US utility NextEra, which claims to be the world’s biggest producer of solar and wind  power.

BHP still rejecting public opinion  BHP continues to disregard Indigenous heritage, workers and the environment. It’s interesting, then, that it has recently launched TV campaigns about traineeships and its mining of copper in an obvious attempt to try and improve its image.

Why restoring nature is vital Here’s four reasons
Seabins Floating bins that collect plastic waste in the harbour, stopping it from entering the ocean.

What a green recovery looks like Here’s some ways it can be done (and none involve gas)
Circular economy could help world economic recovery
Sustainable development  A podcast on how this can be done.

Regenerative farming A smarter and better way of agriculture.  Watch this 7.30 report about the benefits. Sadly, still not supported by the Farmers Association.

Single use plastics  Sign the petition asking for a federal ban
Coalition’s $100m scheme to use recycled plastics in manufacturing has not used any of its funding
Sign the petition asking senate to support amendments to the recycling bill to be voted on 9 November

Royal Commission into bushfires We need to be better prepared for natural disasters, starting with strong action on climate change.  Read the report here

Santos wants to sponsor “Tour Down Under” bike competition  Sign the petition asking the organisers of this event not to accept Santos’ money

climate League 2030 A group of 16 institutional investors and super funds calling on businesses to make deeper cuts to carbon emission than the government’s target

Coal continues to lose appeal The International Energy Agency says solar is the “king of electricity”.
Think-tank warns of grave future for coal
Australia can’t ignore the trend of customers abandoning coal.
Japan, our major coal customer, sets net zero carbon target

Australians ARE concerned about climate change A poll by The Australia Institute shows 79% of us are concerned about climate change.

REnergise This is a project encouraging big energy users including supermarkets and phone companies to switch to 100% renewables.  There have been some wins – ALDI, Bunnings and Officeworks have committed to this.  There are still the two big supermarkets to make the switch. Sign the letter asking Coles to commit to 100% renewables

Baseload power This article explains why it’s a myth


Repair Cafe  The Repair Cafe is open though, because of COVID restrictions, you need to book in a time.  For details go to

Community Recycling Centre Located at 8 Waltham Road, Artarmon. You can take items there that you can’t recycle in your yellow bin. For opening hours and what you can take, go to