NSW election – candidates responses

This state election will be crucial in the direction the state takes in dealing with climate change and the urgent need to move to a 100% renewable energy economy.

We sent a list of five questions on policies for renewable energy, fossil fuel mining and uptake of electric cars to the Liberal, Labor and Greens candidates for the Ryde and Lane Cove electorates.  Their responses are listed in the following link.


The Liberal Party still has no policy regarding a target for renewable energy, and did not rule out approving more fossil fuel mining. Labor has set a target for renewable energy and does not support new coal fired power stations.  Greens have an aggressive 100% renewable target by 2030 and will not support new or expanded mining of fossil fuel. There is support from all parties for incentives for the uptake of electric cars.

Greenpeace has also done a scorecard for these three parties regarding clean energy https://www.greenpeace.org.au/blog/our-guide-to-the-2019-nsw-election/