March 2019 Newsletter


Student rally  Support school children who are going on strike as part of a nationwide campaign on Friday 15 March 12 -2pm Town Hall Square, Sydney to protest about lack of government action on climate change. It is important to support these inspiring young people so we encourage you to go along.

Murray Darling Crisis  The North Shore Forum will have speakers talk about the crisis of this river system.  To be held at The Terrace Room, Union Hotel, 271 Pacific Highway, North Sydney on Saturday 9 March 12-2pm.  Bookings essential.

Free Film showing We will be showing the film, Accelerate Climate Action by on 2 April 6.30 – 8pm at the Top Ryde library. It features Bill McKibben when he toured Australia last year. He had three key messages: stop all new fossil fuel projects, switch to 100% renewable energy and no more money to dirty energy.


In the last  month we have done the following:

We have been included in an open letter of over 48 community groups to the NSW Premier asking for the phasing out of single use plastic bags to be part of the government’s policies for the NSW election.

Addressed Ryde Council about the need to have the Ivanhoe Estate development revised to reduce the number of trees to be removed and to protect endangered ecological communities.

We have written to Liberal, Labor and Greens party candidates in Ryde and Lane Cove electorates asking 5 questions about renewable energy.  We will let you know their responses in a special email before the election.


Solar and renewables Sign the petition to the candidates in your electorate for the NSW election asking them to commit to solar and renewables.

Weather gone wild The Climate Council has released its latest report on the effects of climate change that we are witnessing now.  Yet, the two major parties still refuse to acknowledge it or have substantial plans to deal with it.  Read the report, share it with friends and family.

Seismic blasting approved for Great Australian Bight  This will have devastating effects on marine life and is a prelude to oil drilling in this pristine area.  Sign these petitions asking for a ban on oil drilling.

Landmark decision against Rocky Hill mine  At last, a decision against a mine, based on concerns about climate change.

Adani  Adani has released again coal contaminated water into the Canley Vale wetlands.  This is the second time they have breached their licence to pollute in two years. The Queensland government has not installed the monitoring equipment it promised in September last year.

Japanese bank to fund new coal fired power station  Japan Bank for  International Cooperation is considering financing a coal fired power station in Vietnam even though it contravenes its international commitments.  Sign the petition asking it not to go ahead.

Battery assurance scheme for home users  The Clean Energy Council is developing an assessment tool for PV owners that evaluates if home battery products are safe.  Models approved for use wil be listed on the Solar Accreditation website.

Electrifying Industry  BZE (Beyond Zero Emissions) group has released a report  “Zero Carbon Industry Plan – Electrifying Industry”. Australia’s manufacturing is the least efficient in the developed world.  To download a free copy go to

WWF campaign to reduce plastics  WWF is asking us to make a pledge to help keep plastics out of the oceans.  Use a bamboo toothbrush, use a reusable cup, say no to plastic straws; say no to plastic bags, replace blastic bottles with reusable ones. To take the pledge and to learn more go to

Managing electricity reliability  The Grattan Institute has written a report that says  over the last 10 years, 97% of power outages were due to poles and wires problems. A long but important document.

Protecting the Antarctic Sign the petition asking the federal government and opposition to create a marine park to protect the East Antarctic, home to the Adelie penguin.

Australia’s carbon emissions continue to rise (despite what Angus Taylor thinks) The Federal government has revived the old Tony Abbott plans for dealing with carbon emissions which have failed miserably. Here’s why our carbon emissions have risen and it’s NOT because of the electricity sector. It’s LPG.