October 07

Bennelong election candidates – where do they stand?

The Federal election is five weeks away. Your vote can make a big difference on climate change. We have been meeting the Bennelong candidates from the major parties – the ALP, the Greens and the Australian Democrats.

We have not yet met our local member, Mr John Howard. We have still had no response to our letter sent in August, or follow up calls to his office.

We will publish the candidates’ responses to our questions (including their personal actions) in our next newsletter.

Missed opportunity – renewables targets

The federal government recently announced a “clean energy” target. It includes nuclear power and “clean coal”, solutions which are too slow, too dangerous and unproven. It adds no new renewable energy as it’s set at the same level as existing state government targets.

This is a wasted opportunity, as a strong target will attract investment and provide certainty for industry. Our position is that the target should be 25% by 2020.

Send an email to our local Federal member using this link. Tell him you are a member of his electorate and would like to see a higher Mandatory Renewables Target and better greenhouse emissions policies. http://www.pm.gov.au/contact/index.cfm

Find out more about the Clean Energy Target read Greenpeace’s briefing at

You are part of something bigger

Ryde-Gladesville Climate Change Action Group is featured on the home page of climatemovement.org , the peak websites for climate change groups. Also featured is our beautiful giant light globe sign. Check it out at

Want to give a hand?

The Australian Conservation Foundation are looking for people in Bennelong to help distribute materials they have produced for the election campaign encouraging people to think about climate policies and their vote. If you can help with letterboxing, or displaying an “I care about climate change” poster contact Bianca Havas at the ACF on b.havas@acfonline.org.au or phone 8270 9902.

Upcoming Events

Have a look at our upcoming events page for climate change events in the area which you can be involved with.

Preparing a banner

Ryde Gladesville Climate Change Group members preparing for Walk Against Warming which will be held on 11 November.