Pre-Election Newsletter

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What do the Bennelong candidates plan to do about climate change ?
We contacted the November 07 Federal election candidates from the key parties to meet with them and find out how they would address climate change. Our major focus in this edition is on their views. Read here about their key ideas and personal steps they take to reduce their own energy use.  

Fiddling while the planet burns 
Our group requested a meeting with Mr Howard in August and did not receive any response despite a subsequent fax and phone calls. In frustration and because it seems to us that his government has fiddled while the planet has heated up, on 31 October we arranged for a string quartet to play outside his electorate office. Our event was featured on SBS news that night. Have a look at some photos.    

ALP policy also needs to grow
We also the ALP falls short of making enough difference to climate change. This week we took ALP Bennelong candidate a gift of three fruit trees so that when the rural sector fails as it will if climate change remains unchecked, she will be able to grow her own food. Have a look at pictures here.  

What IS the preferential voting system ?
You may have concluded that the Greens and the Democrats have more comprehensive policies on climate change than either of the other two major parties. The Australian preferential voting system allows your second preferences to be passed on to your number 2 vote, if either of the two major parties don’t get over 50% of the vote. Check out how this works on the Australian Electoral Commission website.  

Also, don’t forget about your senate vote. Senate places are allocated on a quota system. Voting for one of the smaller parties with strong climate policies can be a way of keeping pressure on the government. The AEC web site also explains how senate preferences work.  

Walk Against Warming
Thanks to those supporters who came out and joined the crowds on Sunday 11 November at Walk Against Warming. Here we are with our banner and a second banner we made for the event proposing a 25% renewable target by 2020.  

Human Sign
Clean Energy for Eternity are making a human sign at ManlyBeach, spelling out the words Lifesaving Energy on December 2. They are looking for people to join in and hope to make the largest human sign yet. To find out more and register to participate go to