September 2018 Newsletter

Building the change

We are building momentum for the Federal election and invite interested people to consider getting more active. Options are to join our core group of 6 -8 who meet monthly to plan actions, and take on tasks between meetings. Or you can join our Active Team and get an extra email / shout out for rapid response actions. We are keen to get out on the streets, raise some noise and have some fun with this huge opportunity to get the major parties to revoke the Adani mine approvals. To find out more email us or call Jo on 0414375 149. Our next  meeting is Tuesday 2 October  7-9pm 8 Nelson St Gladesville.


Rise for Climate.  50 people needed 8 September 3pm   for our fun photo shoot t Abuklea Rd Park (opposite Woorang St) Ryde as part of’s global day of action. We have painted a giant wind turbine banner, reading ‘end fossil fuels’ and giant flower banner ‘ries for climate.’All we need is YOU ( + your sister, her frend and the dog).

Sail on the harbour on 8 September will be sailing a tall ship on the harbour on 8 September as part of  Rise for Climate campaign.

Tackling climate change – what you can doTalk at Australian Museum 27 September 6-7.30pm in the Hallstrom Theatre.  Cost $20, $16 for members.

Bush walk in Field of Mars15 September 10.30am -12.30pm organised by Ryde Counci to celebrate Biodiveristy month.  Free but booking essential

What’s your roof’s PV potential?  Ryde Council in partnership with Australian Photosvoltaic Institute brings you SunSPoT, a tool to help determine the economic viability of installing PV on your roof. Workshops – Mon 17 September 10-11.30am  and Tue  25 September 6-7.30pm (free but must book on ) or For more information


In the last  month we have done….

Moocooboola Once again we were out in force at the annual Hunters Hill Moocooboola Festival. Thanks to all those supporters who came by to say hello and send a post card to their local Federal MP.  130 postcards had personalized messages added regarding Adani’s mine and will be mailed to John Alexander, Trent Zimmerman and five other MPs.  Part of our stall included Pamela’s 100% electric Nissan Leaf which she recharges from her home PV system. Toooo green.

Wrote to John Alexander about the $443m grant to Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Wrote a submission about the inquiry into the NPI (National Pollutant Inventory) which monitors air pollution from things like power stations.  Industry wants it weakened.

Signed petition asking for solar to be installed on school roofs


Great Barrier Reef Foundation  The Federal Government claims due diligence in granting $444milion but was in fact conducted as part of an application for another project and FOI documents show no due dligence by the government . The Foundation includes members of the fossil fuel industry and organised a luxury weekend for members weeks after receiving this grant. 

Marine sanctuaries halved Despite the scientific evidence, advice of it own independent review and the voices of hundreds of thousands of people, the Federal government has now slashed  our marine sanctuaries in half. No  other government in the world is reducing their marine sanctuaries. This will now make it easier for huge fishing trawlers fish indiscriminately and dramatically reduce dwindling fish populations. and then sign the petition.

Adani  (no newsletter would be complete without something about Adani!) The Queensland Government knew in advance that  Adani was going to illegally dump toxic coal sludge into the Great Barrier Reef and exceed by 800% its special pollution licence 16 months ago.The weak $12,000 fine has been contested by Adani.  Only a few weeks remain before the government loses the right to prosecute Adani.  Sign this petition asking the Queensland Government to launch a prosecution.–3/prosecute-adani/prosecute-adani

Save small scale renewables As part of the NEG, the ACCC has recommended to wind up the Small Scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) by 2021, nine years early! The SRES has made it more affordable for households to install PV on their roof.  Sign the letter in the next week to your federal MP and Senators

Deforestation in NSW  A recent report shows that land clearing in NSW has risen by 800% (no, it’s not a typo) in the last 3 years and this is before the new legislation introduced this year.  Sign and share the petition calling to repeal the new laws.

South Australia’s renewables boom.  SA will easily reach 75% renewables by 2025 and the new Liberal SA government will continue what Jay Wetherill’s government started (who would have thought it possible?)  A new solar farm is to be built near Whyalla

Australian firms not doing climate change risk checks Many have yet to factor climate change into their business models.

Yellow bin recycling A useful video from Boomerang Alliance on what can go into your yellow recycling bin.

Sea bin A floating bin that can pick up a lot of plastic waste in the ocean.

Exaggerated coal job numbers The Queensland resources minister uses coal lobby’s numbers to exaggerate job prospects in the mining industry

Battery Storage  The future is looking interesting.

PV on school roofs!  Sign the petition asking the education minister to fund solar for schools in NSW.


Australian Sustainable Seafood guide Download the free app .