Election Special Sep 13

It’s an election!

Tony Abbott has promised to repeal the carbon tax, axe the $10 billion Clean Energy Fund, continue to mine fossil fuels at pace and set Australia back to a critical stalling point.


This is an election the climate can’t afford to lose.

So far we have together now distributed 10,000 flyers to letterboxes across the electorate and we are continuing to work for a good outcome. Many thanks to all of you who came forward.

What can you do?

Each of our efforts and votes is critical. Some things you can do.

  1. 100% Renewable has produced a Solar Scorecard for the Bennelong electorate based on a survey of each candidate and their attitudes to renewable energy. Renewable energy offers an immediate solution to much of our emissions problem. Share this document with friends who live local.Those outside Bennelong, can find the position of any candidate at http://solarscorecard.org.au/.
  2. For an overview of all parties positions on climate policies in general, the Climate Health Allicance has produced this this great infographic. Stick this up near a printer or lingering spot at your workplace. http://caha.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/CAHA-2013-Election-Scorecard-v02-p01-72dpi.jpg
  3. “Why we should not trust Tony Abbott” The Age – 27 August 2013- (Economics editor) – 53% of Australians don’t trust him. “Nothing has worked better for Abbott than his success in persuading Australians that the carbon tax would make them worse off. But it was a phoney scare campaign, nothing more. Most households received more than they paid in extra costs”. For more from the Age’s Economics Editor
  4. If you are a Facebook user a small group of people in Tony Abbott’s electorate have started a campaign to “Build an Abbott Proof Fence – For the climate.” A banner on the shark fence at Manly pool was the first piece of an Abbott Proof Fence. Like, Share and make your own APF on a fence near you. https://www.facebook.com/abbottprooffence
  5. Vote for the climate in the lower house AND the Senate and encourage your friends to do likewise. For the climate. For your children.