February 09

Circling Federal parliament for the climate

Members of your climate action group were amongst the 2,500 people who circled Parliament House in Canberra on 3 Feb, the first sitting day for 2009, to send a “climate emergency” message to the Rudd government. It was a peaceful and powerful display of our intent to put climate change at the top of the political agenda in 2009.

Photos from the day are here: climate emergency photos

Time to get more active?

We are looking to expand our core group who meet monthly, to plan ways to respond locally to climate change, share information about climate change actions and activities elsewhere, and plan our newsletter.

If you like teamwork and want to get more active on this issue come to our next meeting on 4 March at 7.30 – 9.30pm in Gladesville to plan our next local event. Call Lynda on 9817 0451 or Jo on 9816 3594 for details.

Bush fires face of future?

Victorian fire fighters have written an open letter to the PM calling for a review of Australia’s fire risk and readiness in the face of global warming – Peter Marshall, The Age, 12 Feb 09


Interested in going solar?

We are considering following the lead of Blue Mountains and Newcastle climate groups and setting up a group discounted purchase of electricity generating solar panels. Aussie Solar are offering a 1 kilowatt system for approximately $990 (after Federal govt rebate) if there are 30 households in this area wanting to participate. For more info see: http://www.aussiesolar.com.au/html/home.php

A 1kw system will generate approximately 5 kw per day which is enough for half to ¾ of average household use (look at your electricity bill). This is a very big discount and the rebate is due to expire on June 30th so we will need to move quickly. To indicate your interest or find out more call Jo on 9816 3594.

Letter from Maxine McKew

Ms Maxine McKew has replied to our December letter which pointed out that the Government’s final Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will do so little to address climate that it will be wasted money. Ms McKew assures us in her letter that the Labor government’s response is far more extensive than the Howard government and suggests the view that we face a climate emergency is alarmist.

Upcoming Events

A conference of the Energy and Consumer’s Advocacy Program
27 February 2009 9am to 4pm UNSW CBD Campus, 11 O’Connell St Sydney (corner Bent St)

The Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme will increase the cost of heating, cooling, lighting and cooking and storing food. How will low-income and other disadvantaged households cope with and respond to this increase in the price of electricity?

Dr Ian McAuley, University of Canberra, Allan Asher, Former CEO Energywatch (UK) and others. Enquiries and registration should be addressed to Joel Pringle: 8898 6520.