June 12

UN Rio+20

is on in Rio de Janiero from 20-22 June. Follow all the goss at:


…& to make Rio Count sign onto this from 350.org’s Bill McKibben at: http://act.350.org/sign/make-rio-count/?akid=1913.551946.0PLg0Y&rd=1&t=1

100% Renewable

The 100% Renewable campaign which we have been involved in over the last 2 years with other climate groups has surveyed 12,000 Australians and found that 95% think Australia should be building large scale solar. These results were presented to MPs in Canberra last month, including local MP John Alexander who was apparently very interested . Lets hope he pays attention changes his opposition to the governments action on climate change.

The Carbon tax starts 1 July

This ground breaking public policy is more than just a tax but a package for reducing Australia’s emissions with funding for renewable. For more http://www.cleanenergyfuture.gov.au/

Coal? Will anyone want it?

The use of coal is declining in the United States. The US Energy Information Administration has announced that coal, the dirtiest and most carbon-intensive conventional fossil fuel, generated only 36% of US electricity in the first quarter of 2012. Read more… http://www.climatecodered.org/2012/06/week-ending-3-june-2012-courtesy.html

The cost of Photo Voltaic cells is going down.

In some locations, PV has reached grid parity, defined as PV production costs at or below retail electricity prices. When this happens globally, demand for our coal is predicted to drastically diminish. The declining price of PV has been reflected in rapidly growing installations, totaling about 23 GW in 2011 in Europe. By one estimate, total investment in renewables for 2011 exceeded investment in carbon-based electricity generation. Read more at, yes, Wikipedia!


Germany going gang-busters with solar

According to figures from a German water and energy trade association, distributed solar photovoltaic systems produced 10 percent of Germany’s total electricity consumption for the month of May. That’s a 40% increase over May of 2011. On 2 days in May, Germany met 1/3 of its peak demand with solar alone. More info at:


Whats on:

Manly Environment Centre is hosting a FREE Climate Forum on Wed 20 June at the Steyne Hotel, Manly at 7pm. Speakers include Mark Ogge from BZE & Mark Diesendorf from UNSW. More info: www.mec.org.au

Ethical Paper

The Wilderness Society has a campaign to urge individuals & businesses & organisations to sign up to use ethical paper NOT paper sourced from Virgin Victorian forests or dead koala forests. For a work place kit : http://www.ethicalpaper.com.au/

Want to be more active?

We are a small dedicated group of core members and a larger group of supporters. We welcome others to join the core group or our Action Team, supporters who are more actively involved from time to time, but don’t attend regular meetings. Contact Jo on 0414 375 149 or email us with subject heading – “Action Team”, preferred contact details and any areas of interest.

Next meeting: 

Monday 2 July, 2012 at 7.30 pm. Call Pamela on 0422 532 586 or Jo on 0414 375 149 for details.