June 2017 Newsletter


St. Peters, NSW – People Power Community Film Night Friday 30 June 6.45pm 31 Princess Hwy St Peters

Youth Leading the World – Sustainability Congress -27-28 June Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, Waverton for young people aged 13-17 years https://www.northsydney.nsw.gov.au/Waste_Environment/Get_Involved/Green_Events/Youth_Leading_the_World


Concorde for Cake bike ride Friday 23 June 9:00 AM, with Bike North – no charge – from Meadowbank Wharf along the Parramatta River cycleway http://www.bikenorth.org.au/calendar-page.html


National Tree Day Sunday 30 July  10.00am – 12.00pm Planting a wildlife corridor in the Field of Mars wildlife refuge 220 Pittwater Rd, Gladesville to create a haven for native birds, frogs and lizards. A free BBQ will be provided at midday. http://www.ryde.nsw.gov.au/Events/Listing/National-Tree-Day



This year we have decided to focus on stopping the Adani Coal mine which will be the largest coal mine in Australia if built, further damage the Great Barrier Reef and tip us into uncontrolled climate change.  To find out more on a range of actions http://www.stopadani.com/

In the spirit of taking it seriously but not being serious about it, we have enjoyed taking the message in the last two weeks to three Commonwealth Bank branches in the area, as well as to John Alexander’s office.

Commbank and Adani Commbank is Adani’s transactional banker.  Sign a letter to Commbank asking them to rule out financing the Carmichael Mine. This type of campaign has made the other three major banks step away from the project.  Let’s get Commbank to do the same. Go to http://act.350.org/letter/commbank-rule-out-adani

What you can do  – The government is about to decide whether or not to lend Adani $1 billion to fund the rail link to the mine. Email or call John Alexander – local Federal MP for Bennelong (02) 9869 4288 this week or email http://johnalexander.net.au/contact-us/ and tell him you are concerned about the Federal Govt lending Adani this climate trasher.


Anglican church in Carmichael mine heartland to divest from fossil fuels The diocese of Rockhampton, Anglican church in Australia’s largest coalmining region, including the site of Adani’s proposed Carmichael mine, has vowed to divest from fossil fuels. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jun/02/anglican-church-queensland-carmichael-mine-heartland-divest-fossil-fuels-australia-adani


Clean Coal?   And fairies at the bottom of the garden. The Federal government will introduce legislation that enables the Clean Energy Finance Corporation  to invest in so-called “clean coal” technology. Click here to tell Josh Frydenberg exactly what you think of his proposal to invest clean energy funds in dirty coal.

Mobile phone churn – you have hung onto your iphone 4 for years to resist the disposable economy in mobile phones but its finally grinding itself into the dirt. There is a green choice. Fairphone. Made for easy repair, built for longevity and containing fair tin and tantalum sourced from Congolese mines. https://www.fairphone.com/en/


The Finkel Report. What should we make of it? Setting the Clean Energy Target and a mechanism for Australia. The Alternative Technology Association (Good on This Stuff)  believes the Finkel Review’s centrepiece, the Clean Energy Target, is substantially better than current arrangements. As in  – Not all bad. But we need the Clean Energy Target. http://community.ata.org.au/news/finkel-review-a-good-step-forwards/


thanks all – till next time

Jo, Pamela, Jill, Justin, Wies, and all